215: Companies with Rising Dividends for 25 Straight Years

Learn which companies have been paying rising dividends for 25 straight years. Many people are looking for higher interest rates because bonds are paying low interest rates, for example, .88% on a 1 year Treasury bill and 2.4% for 10 … Continue reading

214: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Be a Contrarian Investor

Learn why contrarian indicators move opposite to the crowd. British economist, John Maynard Keynes identified features of financial markets that subject prices to herd-like behavior. “The herd-like nature and influence of animal spirits in financial exchanges, and its potential to … Continue reading

213: Will the Dow Go to 50,000 Without a Rest?

Listener question: Dear Linda, My friend say the market is off and running and will go to 50,000 from here. Will the Dow shoot to 50,000 without a rest? Raoul The Dow is only 30 companies large companies like American … Continue reading

209: Plan Your Life Like a Billionaire

I love talking about the importance of mindset in wealth building. We haven’t visited mindset for a long-time, so I thought we would today. Recently I was reading about Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. He was a successful investment banker who … Continue reading