204: 5 Moves to Make With President-Elect Trump in 2016

Be Wealthy Podcast CoverThese are financial moves, not a pro or con commentary for a candidate.

1. Taxes – you may see your taxes lowered and if Trump gets the 15% corporate tax rate in, then look for the dollar to soar and almost $3 trillion to come home.

2. Health care – look for new plans. Participate in health savings accounts – a savings account used in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance policy that allows users to save money tax-free against medical expenses.

3. Faster growing economy. Possible raising of the economic growth to 3 – 4% annually. During the Reagan years the stock market boomed and the economy boomed. I hope that can happen again!

4. FED has signaled higher inflation will be allowed. Expect higher interest rates.

5. Cycles don’t change based on who is President. Cycle going into higher inflation favoring commodities – metals, mining, grains, agriculture, farmland, etc.

One sobering fact – inheriting $20 trillion in debt is a lot. I don’t believe taxes can pay that back. At some point we will have to deal with the debt and reboot the system. That’s another good reason to be out of financial instruments like bonds and be in tangible assets like I just mentioned.

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