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I’m very excited because the “Be Wealthy & Smart” podcast crossed 1 million downloads! It’s been 3 years in the making. Considering I had ZERO downloads the first week I launched, I say to new podcasters, don’t judge your future success by how you start out! I also just signed a contract with a book publisher and I credit the podcast audience to helping solidify the deal. The book will be a financial book for women and will be published 9.18.18.

Having a successful podcast takes a lot of work, but what’s really great is it’s YOUR show. You can talk about whatever you like, create your own content, interview guests, meet a lot of people and have a really great time.

I was inspired to start the show after attending a conference in San Diego in 2014 and listening to other podcasters. An important benefit I’ve received from podcasting, besides a nice business clientele, is developing my content in a more complete way than I had before. Producing 3 shows a week forces me to create content that reflects my experience, beliefs and values. I put it in a format that is clear, concise and actionable. That also helped me decide what content I want to include in my book.

When I was starting out, learning the technology was the biggest challenge for me. I thought I’d never learn all the steps, but now it seems laughable that was an issue because it’s so easy! I podcast from anywhere and always take my microphone with me. That means I’m recording when I’m on the road, in a hotel room or in other interesting recording areas.

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If I could give you a few words of advice to get to a million downloads, I’d give you these 5 tips:

1) Be diligent about asking for reviews. I ask everyone who listens to the show for a review. When listeners email me with questions, I’m happy to answer them. I also ask if they would please leave a review for the show. Sometimes they don’t, but often they will.

2) Listen to the feedback in your reviews to make your show better. When people tell you what they like, do more of it. If they complain about something, like the quality of recording (happened to me early on), be sure to get good equipment so you sound good. I use a Yeti microphone and always did, but I had trouble with a computer virus that made the show sound garbled for a few episodes. It happens.

The review below really touched me. As a podcaster, you share your knowledge and ideas freely, but you honestly never know what people think, until you see it in the reviews! Sometimes you work your heart out and the feedback can be delayed or even non-existent. The reviewer really nailed what makes my podcast different from other financial podcasts which will help with marketing my podcast and my book.

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3) Use specific hashtags on social media. While my podcasts automatically post on FB and TW, I also manually post on Google Plus and Instagram with a lot of success, especially when I use hashtags that people search for. #podcast #podcasts #itunes are basic ones everyone should use (even though we’re technically Apple podcasts and not iTunes anymore, it’s still a higher searched hashtag).

4) Create a show that works for your lifestyle. I made a decision early on NOT to be an interview show, but to share my own content and also curated content (with only occasional interviews). For me, I love sharing my experience and opinions and it was easier for me to podcast. Interviews were frustrating to me to schedule and book, so I took an easier path that has allowed me to stick around long-term. I do 3 shows a week, compared to most shows which are once a week. Because I’m producing more content, I need to have flexibility to record when it’s convenient for me.

5) Don’t quit! Many of my friends who started a podcast when I did have quit. I think that’s because of #4 above. Make sure your podcast is fun and easy for you so you can do this long-term. This is a marathon and those that stay in will win! Women podcasters are only 15% of all podcasters, so we need you to be successful and stay around!

Not everyone wants to be a podcaster, but I truly believe everyone has the ability to build wealth, no matter where you are starting from because wealth is about your priorities and choices. It’s within your power whether or not your become wealthy.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the show. If you’ve shared it with family and friends, I’m so grateful. If you’ve written a review, I’m so humbled. I appreciate you so much for allowing me to live my passion and purpose.

Linda P. Jones

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