A New Age of Wealth

The one part of manifesting wealth I’m seeing people struggle with the most is in money-treetheir belief systems. It’s no wonder since we’re programmed from birth to live in scarcity by the media (ads) and we don’t understand how to make money as children, yet we are told it doesn’t grow on trees, we don’t appreciate it, etc.

As we get older, we have a lot of junk in our subconscious that just needs to go. Combine that with what’s happening financially on a planetary level and you have the makings for a personal financial crisis of epic proportions even if you’re doing pretty well. You still may feel fearful, worry about too much debt, feel bad about the price of your house decreasing, have anxiety about your 401k, etc.

It’s impossible to manifest money, or anything for that matter, when you’re fearful.

You’ve got to get your power back.

One way to do that is to explore what I’ve coined your “personal currency” – using your personal gifts and talents to serve others.You can use your passions to fulfill your purpose here on the planet. Hard financial times might be a motivator to you to change and do the things you’re meant to do rather than just work for money. Just like pressure on carbon forms a beautiful sparkly, precious diamond, so can financial pressure cause you to become more of who you’re meant to be so you can serve others with your special talents. I’d encourage you to explore that if you have an opportunity and usually the Universe will let you know, if you listen within.

Create your list of 100 gratitudes and give thanks to the Creator for all you’ve been given. We are fortunate to be here at this time and experi encing the great turn that is happening. In my opinion, the power structures of the past are breaking down and the truth is being revealed to us. We have individual power ourselves, beyond what we think. We used to give our power away to large institutions, corporations, government, etc. and now is the time to tap into our own power and see what we can do when we believe we are responsible for creating our lives. And we are.

Seek truth. Find out by exploring and learning new things. Computers and the internet now track and categorize all knowledge for us to tap into as never before. You can learn more than was possible faster than ever. Use the knowledge and resources at your fingertips to benefit your own growth so you can be the best you can be.

Be open to the fact that the future will be very different from the past. Not worse, just different. Our values are changing, our reality is changing, our depth is changing, our plane t is changing. We are changing to adapt to it all. Look for truth and knowledge so you can look ahead to the future and make it better. If you feel stuck, start moving and leave the stagnation behind. There’s unlimited opportunity now if you think in a new way. If you think like you did in the past, it will be painful.

Realize there is great possibility for a bright future ahead. Re-define your values, dreams, wishes, loves. Think with an open heart. Ask for guidance from within. We are stepping into a new age that will surpass the old. If you let it.

2 thoughts on “A New Age of Wealth

  1. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. I have left my old job and old way of thinking behind and am moving forward as I explore my God given talents. I go in faith. Each day brings new possibilities and I am excited about what my Creator’s plan is for my life. – Miley

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