"Now I feel more confident..."

Before I started working with Linda, I was so overwhelmed by the choices and information regarding finances and investing. Now I feel more confident in reading charts, gleaning through the hype and noise of media and finding "real" financial news, and am really looking forward to continuing my financial education journey!


"Linda is different from any other financial expert."

Working with Linda is priceless. Linda’s background in the financial industry makes her an insider of a world that I’ve always felt intimidated by and excluded from. But Linda is different than any financial expert I’ve ever encountered. She wants me to learn, and she pulls back the curtain, in an easy to understand and digest format to help me get the lay of the land in a world that has previously felt foreign and restricted to me. And, beyond her traditional training, she also understands financial cycles, which is information that has been kept pretty well underground in the elite circles of billionaires. Linda teaches her clients how everything is connected and helps us see the stories that aren’t making the headlines. I feel like learning from Linda is like having an advance copy of what is coming; combined with strategies for how to capitalize on opportunities to build wealth. I find Linda to be accessible, generous with her knowledge, efficient, and very warm-hearted.

—Summer Deaton
ReSolutionaries, Inc.

"Linda has educated me about trends to invest in and it has been very profitable!"

"Linda's investment concepts make sense and were simple to understand and easy to follow. She has a way of looking to the future to invest and I learned how to quit investing in the rear-view mirror.She educated me about trends to invest in and it has been very profitable!"

—Dennis Hopkins, DDS

Big, bigger, huge shout out to my Wealth Mentor, Linda P. Jones!!! Just finished enrolling in my 401K plan and it was such a breeze! Because of her I knew exactly which investments to stay away from and which ones to invest in. Because of her guidance I have been feeling completely confident when it comes to investing. If I had not sought her mentorship a few months ago, I would have looked at these investment papers and felt completely lost on my next move.

—Simone Rattigan

“Linda is the real deal!”

“Linda’s the real deal! Leap out of the time for money model and into true wealth. Linda teaches you how to make the money you’ve created work harder and smarter for you and shows you how to build true wealth. Listening to Linda made me feel smart in a new way. If you’re tired of working so hard and trading time for money, Linda’s wealth building solution is the next step!”

—Lisa Sasevich

“Linda doesn’t just talk about wealth, she lives it!”

“If you’re looking for someone to coach you on a path to wealth and financial freedom, then listen to my friend Linda P. Jones. What makes her unique from others talking about wealth, is she actually has a financial background. Being someone who also comes from a financial consultant background, I know that makes all the difference in the world when choosing who to be coached by. Linda doesn’t just talk about wealth creation, she lives it!”

—James Malinchak,
as Featured on the ABC TV Show, “Secret Millionaire” Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul Founder,

“I now have a plan for long-term wealth.”

“I’ve always been someone who was good at making money but not so good at creating long term wealth for myself. What I most appreciate about Linda’s coaching is how it has shifted my mindset and thinking about money and wealth. She’s practical, down to earth and explains finance in a way that’s both understandable and fun.”

—Mark Satterfield, www.GentleRainMarketing.com

"Being a part of Linda's mastermind has given me the tools and resources to build my wealth and have financial confidence!"

I was doing an exercise on areas where I have confidence and areas where I lack confidence. To my utter surprise, I listed finances and wealth building in my areas of confidence! This would not have been the case a year and a half ago! I have learned so much working with Linda and being a part of her Mastermind group. She has given me the tools and resources to not only build my wealth, but also to develop a wealthy mindset and financial confidence!!

—Beth Gillespie, NC, MS

"In 6 months of working with Linda I've seen my net worth triple!"

"Before working with Linda, I felt very confused and overwhelmed about the world of investing. I was very interested in starting a retirement account and getting my money working. Since working with Linda I feel so much more empowered and confident and secure in my money. I feel a lot more solid in my own wealth mindset which has me confident that money is always going to be flowing to me. I've also created a very strong investment portfolio. Over the last 6 months of working with Linda I've seen my net worth triple!"

—Vrinda Normand

“I’m now set up to leave behind a legacy!”

“Linda, thank you so much. After hearing you speak so clearly and authentically about the power of legacy and actively planning your legacy, my husband Snowy and I got out our Wills today, read them all through and then revised and updated them. We also did the “moment in time” exercise setting out all our assets/investments etc and it’s made up both feel so much better, clearer and closer as a result. Thank you so much for prompting that for us and in a way that made such perfect sense.”

—Kay White, www.wayforwardsolutions.com

"The biggest thing she did right off the bat was make sure we're on the same page about money and investing."

"We hired Linda as a personal mentor…and the biggest thing that she did right off the bat was make sure that we were on the same page. It was huge because we’ve been together for 26 years and we’ve never been on the same page as far as our attitude about money and investing.  We feel very fortunate that we came across Linda because she is giving us just a very different perspective on how to look at money, wealth, abundance and a prosperity mindset that really transcends the traditional investing perspective.”

—Bob and Sandy Uslander, www.doctorsonpurpose.com

"I'm taking my financial future into control...Linda's amazing."

“In my everyday life I’m a physician and I empower myself by learning everything I can, and I felt like I kind of fell off the wagon with learning about my financial health. So coming here to this 3-day course with Linda was very empowering, very inspiring and I felt like I’m really taking that into control because I always encourage people to take their health into control and I need to take my own financial future into control. So I’m very appreciative of Linda, as teaches things very simplistically, and with robust knowledge. She’s amazing.”

—Anne Meyer

“I feel confident making money decisions.”

“Linda, thank you for giving practical, easy to understand advice about a very complicated subject! I like the way you explain things and how you see the world. I think you are able to look ahead for the trends and it makes sense. By listening to you, I feel confident that I am making good decisions. You have interesting and timely subjects and I always find it worthwhile. Thanks for the great ideas!”

—Rose Feeney

"Linda combines intellect, experience, intuition, wit and personality to produce a truly potent and unique product. "

"I have been very fortunate to have become friends with a number of the top names in the industry due to having been on the international speakers circuit in past years. As such, I can pick up the phone and call a lot of the top 'experts' pertaining to the stock market; the economy; precious metals; Forex, etc. Interestingly, I find that Linda Jones is frequently one of my first calls. I respect Linda's professional knowledge and clear thinking. She combines intellect, experience, intuition, wit and personality to produce a truly potent and unique product. My experience includes having been in the money management industry for over 40 years. I began with one of the only international money management firms in the US at that time (trading in both domestic and foreign equities & debt as well as foreign exchange [forex-currencies] and precious metals [gold & silver]). By the way, she is not a relative."

—Garrett Jones
Stockmarket Cycles Management, Inc./ESP Capital Management, LLC
“I’ve doubled my money in 12 months thanks to Linda.”

“Linda Jones helped me reposition my investment strategy last year. Her suggestions just about doubled my money over the last 12 months. When I wanted to take the earnings and run, which happened several times during the course of the year…she continued to reinforce the strategy she had painted for me…Good thing I listened. Wish I had followed her advice with all of my retirement dollars. I might add that I did follow one of her recommendations with funds held with my broker. It’s the only reason I didn’t show negative returns…her suggestion netted about 60% growth and off set the loses I had with recommendations from that firm.”

—Jim Kirsila

"You helped me realize investing really isn't that complicated and it can be fun!"

"Thank you so much for all you did to put together an incredible event! Having the time away to slow down, learn and connect with amazing people helped me to shift my mindset tremendously! Honestly I came into your event thinking that I had an abundant mindset and left realizing that I was sadly mistaken! You showed me what an abundant mindset truly means and all the scientific research you shared really solidified it. Thank you for breaking down the world of investing and helping me to realize it really isn't that complicated and it can be fun!"

—Tera McHugh - Founder, Association of Women Entrepreneurs- www.AofWE.com

"Linda offers an unmatched program for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

"Linda P. Jones’s program Create Your Luxury Brand places your business in a lucrative market that pays for quality service and luxury. The integral piece that sets her program apart from others is that she helps you align your purpose with your business. She helps you with language, color, and packaging that attracts the affluent. Linda offers an unmatched program for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

—Suzy Manning
" I want to let you know that I have become addicted to your podcasts and am truly grateful for the service you are providing"
"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday afternoon. I didn't want to come off as a crazed fan yesterday, but I want to let you know that I have become addicted to your podcasts and am truly grateful for the service you are providing. Your approach is very warm and your message is crystal clear.I've had a large amount of fear for many years about anything financial. I'm a firm believer that all I have to do to change my life is change my perspective, but I had no idea where to begin with learning something that felt like a foreign language. I tried reading Money magazine. I tried reading the Wall Street Journal. I even tried listening to Jim Kramer. The task seemed insurmountable.

From your very first podcast, I felt hope. I had clarity. I gave myself permission to go easy on myself and take it one step at a time. It is also wonderful to know a female who has excelled in this area. You have given me the ability to go after what I want, gain the knowledge I've been craving, and become the woman I want to be."

—Tanya Carroll

“Her understanding of the principles that generate wealth is unsurpassed.”

“Linda Jones is a gem. I think that as entrepreneurs, we can get so caught up in bright, shiny new ideas and forget about the fact that we are running a business – that is supposed to generate revenues as well as ignite our passions. O.K., well maybe you don’t, but I do! Linda gracefully, artfully and strategically teaches you to remember the revenue. Her understanding of the principles that generate wealth is unsurpassed and I am so grateful to have her as a friend and mentor.”

—Kiva Leatherman, www.wiseworkshops.com

"We made more money and charged a record amount for our services."

Before working with Linda, I felt our brand wasn't attracting our target market. That we had to explain what our business was all about. Linda worked with us to create a name more aligned with what we do, change our colors and logo, and create a title that attracted more affluent clients. Since making the changes, we've had out first live event, made more money, charged a record amount, and offered our first 6 month program, which really launched our following. It was a huge game changer and I will be forever grateful for Linda's insight and expertise.

—Keri Newell
Communication Magic With Men

"I'm now making excellent income every month."

“If you want to be able to get ahead and break out of a limiting mindset, then try Linda Jones’ unique affirmation process. In the same way when you are in gym, and they vary your workout in a technique called muscle confusion, Linda takes what is already given and a current reality in your life, and intersperses them with affirmations of what your desires and dreams are. And because of this intuitive technique, I'm now making excellent income every month. Thank you Linda!”

—Wes Wolcott

“You are in the pantheon on gurus in my world.”

“Linda, I am making a display board of helpful people in business and investments and included Jim Rogers, Bernard Baruch, Warren Buffet, and YOU!!! Of course, you are on the top level and next to Jim Rogers. Just thought I’d let you know you are in the pantheon on gurus in my world.”

—Adele Michal

"My income has steadily increased each month!"

"Before working with Linda, I was struggling with unreliable and frequently insufficient income.  Linda helped me create affirmations that specifically targeted this area, and since I've been using them, my income has steadily increased each month.  Her method of working with subconscious beliefs is incredibly effective, and her advice on how to create true and lasting wealth is invaluable.  Thanks Linda!"

—Kate Navarro Fessler, www.blissfulentrepreneur.com

"Linda showed me how to tailor my product line to appeal to affluent clients."

Working with Linda's Luxury Brand Mentorship has given my artisan jewelry a new image. From the online personality including colors, fonts and website design to choosing your brand name and tailoring your product line to appeal to affluent clients - Linda's lessons have given a tremendous amount of information that NOBODY else is sharing. This is the only class of it's kind!

—Dawn Doucette
“Linda's concepts are easy to understand and follow.”

“Linda’s concepts have enlightened my investment technique. I was always reviewing current and past historic data and she has enlightened me to her forward approach. Her worldwide future outlook approach and concepts make sense and are easy to understand and follow. The big picture today is with a worldwide growth approach which Linda has clearly foreseen.”

—Ann Serrato

"I've taken lots of courses/programs, but I'm finding THIS program to be one of the most useful I've ever taken in helping me get really down to the core of what I have to offer."

Thank you SO much for putting Create Your Luxury Brand program together. I think it's what's going to be the thing that has me to create a "real" business as opposed to a hobby business, and it's actually giving me the words I need to attract the type of client I want.

—Janet Thomasson

“Linda has taken our business to the next level!”

“Linda’s ideas and mentoring have taken our business to the next level! Without Linda’s guidance, we would still be merely spinning our wheels.” 

—Brian Kelly

"We are charging more for our valuable services...and our business is growing so fast!"

My daughter, Keri, and I have amazing information that has been transforming relationships between men and women, but we couldn't seem to get the word out. We were discouraged and ready to give up, when we discovered a gem, Linda P. Jones. Linda is a gifted business mentor and she has turned it all around for us. She helped us to re-brand and our new Luxury Brand, "Communication Magic With Men", is bringing women who are ready and excited to learn. All we have to do is mention our new name and they want what we have! We are charging more than ever before for our valuable services and women are willing to make the investment. We have learned from Linda how to make clear what we are offering. Our business is growing so fast thanks to Linda and her wealth of business strategies. Thank you, Linda. I will be forever grateful!

—Dr. Sherie Zander
Communication Magic With Men

“My vision has become a reality!”

“Simply put Linda P. Jones is the type of person who reaffirms one’s faith in humanity. She is kind, compassionate, honest, genuine, sincere and dedicated to her vision of helping others to create and “Live a Wealthy Lifestyle.” Personally, Linda has mentored with me and instilled a certain confidence that will continue to move me towards my path of wealth and helping others in the process. Her amazing intuition and skills for generating business and wealth she openly shares with others. Linda’s strategies and coaching have lead me in a direction that is making my vision become a reality. Her amazing program has helped me significantly in achieving my goals.” 

—Kathy Stover
“Linda’s advice has changed my life.”

“First of all, let me say thank you. I listened to you talking on the Dr. Karen show (from Blog Talk Radio 1-11-2011), last Sunday and it has quite literally changed my life. Since then, I am excited about getting out of bed and getting my day started, I have a purpose and am finally getting back into action.”

—Sheila Weston

"Linda helped me set my own financial path for success."

"I have significantly reduced my debt while also saving, and will be debt free in a couple months! Linda has been a huge influence here and though I have had a couple of stops and starts, over the last 6 years I was able to reduce enough that I took a fabulous trip to Scotland in July AND it was all paid for prior to my vacation and there was no dipping into my savings!

This is HUGE for me, and required a huge change in my mindset and my spending habits that I've been working on for the last 3.5 - 4 years. The habits and thoughts of a lifetime CAN be changed with diligent work, and Linda's work on a wealthy mindset was a critical part of ridding me of my "shiny objects" buying pattern that was undermining my ability to save and successfully invest.

Thank you, Linda, for showing me the path - it took a while for me to focus, do the work and create the change and I've done it!"

—Tracy Emory

"I came with a mindset of anxiety and fear and left with confidence and gratitude!"

“It's like the universe put me in front of Linda and said, "Listen to her, it's what you and your business need, then take action."  I came with a mindset of anxiety and fear and left with confidence and gratitude. Linda's unique combination of crazy good financial knowledge mixed with her mindset beliefs changed my business.  She gave me the mindset to launch my show "Can I get a transformation?" and my business isn't looking back!  It was the clarity in her teaching that made the difference.”

—Jimbo Marshall, www.canigetatransformation.com

"She's teaching us things I never heard from anyone else."

“For me what I found is that I have been doing investing for a long time, worked with a lot of different financial advisors and although they claim to pull back the curtain, Linda really does. She’s teaching us things that we have never learned from anyone else and really giving us strategies that I seriously can’t wait to go home and start working on.”

—Lori Grayson, www.lorigrayson.com

"I highly recommend Linda to anyone who wants to become financially secure!"

“Linda is a visionary when it comes to wealth management and creation. She has her finger on the pulse of the new financial systems and I would highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to be financially secure in the coming years.”

—Patricia Selmo, www.CoachingWiththeStars.com

"Linda makes it simple...It's always been so complicated before with brokerage houses."

“We’ve never had so much empowerment. We’ve never had a vision. We’ve just been looking in the rear view mirror with a stockbroker and watching what happened before and kind of missing the boat on investments. But for the first time I feel I’m looking forward with these cycles and bubbles and trends based on what billionaires do. And Linda makes it so simple. I’m so grateful for that because it’s always been so complicated before with brokerage houses."

—Shannon Peck, www.thelovecenter.com

"This information is fantastic, cutting edge stuff."

"Linda is brilliant. I was a certified financial planner and I never heard this is cutting edge information and it’s just, it’s incredible.  A lot of people I deal with are worriers and this new information is just fantastic, cutting edge stuff.”

—Maryann Ehmann, www.MaryannEhmann.com
After 20 years of marriage we're finally on the same page with our finances!

—Stacey and Daniel Canfield
"In a few months working with Linda my portfolio went up 20%!"

—Chelsea Logan, www.satssimi.com
"Linda gave us concrete tools to build wealth and create a wealthy mindset."

—Kim Smith and Beth Zeiger
"I'm so much more confident with my finances after working with Linda."

—Laureen Scaglione-Phelps
"What Linda teaches is cutting edge and beyond what Wall Street teaches."

—Joyce O'Brien, www.Joyceobrien.com
"Linda showed me how to live more abundantly."

—Susan Bradley
"I've learned so much I can implement right away!"

—Kyra Howell

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