IMG_8919_21-200x300Affirmations are a tried and true way I have found to change subconscious beliefs. The problem is, our subconscious minds are programmed by television, advertising, media, movies, religion, our upbringing, our parents’ experience, and our life experiences. Advertisers bombard us with negative information in order to make us think we need their product, we’re not good enough, or we need to change.

EVERYONE has been programmed.

What we need to do to clear out the programming is first decide what you WANT to have programmed in your subconscious. After all, your subconscious goes after making your beliefs come true like a heat-seeking missile. Whatever you believe to be true is what you will experience.

But here’s the truth: the brain can’t distinguish reality from your imagination.

We have the power to create what we believe we can have.

You only have as much money as you believe you can have right now.

Let me say that again. You only have as much money as you believe you can have right now. To begin to increase your money, you must first increase your faith or belief, and affirmations are the answer. They allow you to re-program your subconscious and increase your faith all at the same time.

I recommend you use “already true” statements in between each affirmation. This will allow you to trick your subconscious that what you want to come true is already true, so you don’t begin to argue with yourself!

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