Are you expecting to have what you want or be denied?

Beautiful woman with questioning expression and question marks aI used to wonder how I could differentiate myself with all the financial experts out there. Turns out, it was a lot easier than I thought. In simple terms – just be yourself! Sharing my thoughts about quantum physics, spirituality, and finance and how they come together is what I love to talk about. So much so, I didn’t even realize I was different than other experts!

Now it’s obvious, but there was a time when I couldn’t see it. Maybe you feel that way about yourself or your business. You don’t think you’re that different.

But you are!

All your experiences with people, places, money, health, education, family, travel add up to one unique person! Not to mention the obvious things like your unique DNA and fingerprints!

Have you ever tried to express how different you are? Tried to explain it, write it down, or market it? It’s not easy.

Here are a few things you can do to bring out your uniqueness and allow it to make your life richer:

  1. Focus on what you love. Really focus. What are your favorite things to talk about? Learn about? Spend your time doing? Give yourself permission to follow your heart and be happy. You don’t have to be deprived, bored, unfulfilled. Agree to let yourself be happy.
  2. Stop trying to be all things to all people. Being a “pleaser” doesn’t work. You end up watering down who you are so you don’t offend anyone, but you lose yourself in the process. Be okay with not pleasing everyone.
  3. Understand your “contract” for life is between you and God/Creator/Universe/Source – whatever your belief is. Wherever our soul came from is where it is returning. That is the ultimate energy you will be answering to.
  4. Be clear on your expectations. What are you expecting to happen in your life? Are you expecting success or failure? Are you expecting to have what you want or be denied? YOU are the one who sets that expectation, which affects the energetic field we are connected to. Scientists are saying the placebo effect or observer influence is what determines the outcome to experiments. In other words, what you believe and expect will happen is THE most important thing to how your life will turn out.

Experiments with groups who really had knee surgery and those who just had an incision and were sewn up again had the same outcome – successful relief from arthritis and knee pain. Only one group had real surgery, the other had only the belief, and they had the same results!

If you don’t have the money or success you want in your life, first look at what are you expecting?

Change your picture of your expectations to start to change your life. Keep the same expectations and get the same results.

Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and other billionaires have been quoted saying, “I always knew I’d be rich.”

What do you “know”? What outcome are you expecting? What’s your vision?

Once you have the right expectation, then we can get to the twin pillars of wealth building – creating a luxury brand business and the investing model of billionaires that will get you on the path to the “how” to achieve it.

The “how” can only work if you already have the right vision and expectation. Do you?

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