Are You Seeing All the Possibilities to Build Your Wealth Now?

This truly is a different time in many ways, but especially with wealth creation. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast of people at the slot machines, robotically throwing their money away, while a few steps away I was attending a seminar about authors and internet marketing by some of the leaders in the industry who make millions of dollars a year!

The message was clear – the playing field has leveled. The control that a few corporations used to decide who became published, who was put on TV, who was seen by the public, etc. has completely changed thanks to new technology. Today, anyone who has the desire can publish a book, as well as CD’s and DVD’s, be seen on internet TV, or have their own internet radio show. I think in the future, the lines between online TV and legacy TV will blur, particularly when future TV’s add computer capabilities.

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. It’s time to identify your passion, purpose, gifts and talents. That’s what I call your “Personal Currency.” It’s what information you have to share with others and contribute to the planet, help and serve others, and generate income for yourself.

What’s your personal currency?

personal currencyNot sure?

What I often find is people struggle with this and have trouble identifying what their personal currency is. There are many ways to help find out, but I’ve found the single most important thing is to first work on opening up your mind. You see, we’re so used to being “closed” to opportunity, we can’t even see it at the end of our nose!

Step One is to start thinking differently.


Seventy-two percent of all wealth that has been created in the last 12 years!

That’s why I’m offering a free teleclass to unlock your wealth potential. I’m going to help you think differently so you can see the potential you have within yourself. It’s time to open your mind to your possibilities for building wealth now! Details are here:http://www.lindapjones/freeteleclass.


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