Are you thinking thoughts of wealth or scarcity?

In times like this when asset values are declining, savings accounts pay little paying-billsinterest, debt is piling up, and people are losing their jobs and homes, it can be easy to  get down and start getting mired in the negativity.

It can feel overwhelming that you can’t get a break, the odds are against you, nothing works, and you don’t know where to turn to get out of the hole you’ve fallen into.

May I suggest you start with inside your head?

Everything begins with how you think about it. We may all agree and know this intellectually, but the problem isn’t in our thinking brain, it’s in our sub-conscious mind. As I mentor my clients, whether they make millions of dollars or are stay at home moms, the one thing I see in common is their internal belief system is holding them back from having the  wealth they have asked the Universe for. It’s a matter of faith and trust that the Universe will give you what you ask for. Usually it’s trying to give it to you, but you don’t get the message.

Recently I’ve heard:

-The agent new to the real estate industry gets a $2 million sale because they believe they can make it happen (and the existing agents in the office wonder how it happened).

-An Ob-Gyn doctor who decorates her office like a french bordello and gives her patients luxurious robes to wear instead of paper gowns and has a booming practice.

-Online businesses breaking records for sales of information products, seminars and coaching, even into the millions of dollars.

It takes a little fresh thinking, but there are ways to be making money now. Even in my discussions with you about gold and silver, I was recently asked if I was still confident that they will continue to increase in value?

Here’s where the contrarian mindset of an investor comes in. Is silver a riskier buy after moving from $25 up to $50/oz, or after a pullback from $50 to $30/oz? There’s more fear after the pullback than there is at the new high, yet the feeling should be opposite! It should feel less risky to buy it at $30 than at $50. What happens is, while it’s running up in price, it “feels right” so people keep buying on the way up, thinking it will continue up and maybe even afraid they will miss it.

When it goes down, they think it will continue down and they fear not knowing the bottom before they buy. I think silver at $30/oz is a bargain. After all, it peaked around 1980 at $50 an ounce, and here we are 30 years later and it’s less per ounce than it was then! That sounds like a bargain to me! We could see a lower dip in prices, but I’ve been buying here and I think a year from now, I’ll be happy I did. You could also average down here and bring your average price down. Either way, I think this is an extraordinary buying opportunity for the long-term.

There’s no lack of opportunity to make money. The only lack is inside your mind, with those old tapes playing from our subconscious. Stay in gratitude and start seeing the possibilities around you with fresh eyes. The old ways are gone and there are lots of new ways to build wealth that are right in front of you. If you have faith and trust the Universe will bring them to you.

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