Build Your Online Wealth Goldmine

The internet is quickly becoming a place where experts – authors, speakers, professionals, coaches, mentors, etc. are able to create a virtual business and reap huge rewards.

It’s not uncommon to hear success stories of online marketers who are being added to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list or making millions of dollars annually.

I’ve been studying and learning the systems for the last four years and it’s allowed me to create my own multiple 6-figure business working from home.

To me, this isn’t a fluke or trendy, it’s a new way of doing business that will become mainstream soon. Just as farmers left their industry for corporate jobs, so will many corporate jobs never reappear as many people start businesses and become entrepreneurs online.

As you may know, I teach the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building: having your own business and investing. Having a business is another great way to build wealth. Many millionaires have been created by starting their own business.

With a computer and a telephone, you can reach people globally and touch more lives than ever before. Last month I noticed my Youtube videos had already received over 10,000 views – and I don’t even market them! People found them organically through search engines by searching topics I cover.

I truly think this is the next gold rush and everyone can have an internet business that’s profitable. The start up costs are very low and the profit potential is extremely high.

A lot more wealth is being created today – you just need to change your thinking about how money is made to see it!

Here’s what you can do today to get started:

  1. Reserve your name as a URL
    If you haven’t reserved your name as a URL ie. “” then go to and pay $8 to reserve it. In the future, you may want to have a website with your name on it. If your name is already taken, try adding your middle initial like I did, or putting “the” in front of it.
  2. Think about what you’re an expert at or what makes you unique
    Are you an author, speaker, hobbyist, entrepreneur? Do you have specialized knowledge or talents? Are you passionate about a cause? These may be things you can monetize online with a blog, products, or membership.
  3. Google topics that you are interested in
    See who is already online marketing that topic. If they have a newsletter, opt-in with your name and email address and follow what they are doing. That can give you ideas as to how they are making money with your topic of interest.
  4. Search Youtube and see who is creating videos around your interests or profession
    You’ll be surprised how much content has already been created, but there’s room for more than one expert, so don’t get discouraged if someone is already talking about your topic. Just like there are many offline brands in a space, there’s room for multiple online brands too.
  5. Take a look at social media like Facebook or Twitter and watch the conversation
    You can often see content or conversation from smart marketers who are getting a lot of peoples’ attention. Notice what they say and what offers they are making. It’s fascinating to click on Facebook ads and see who is having success selling products on Facebook. Many large companies have begun using Facebook to offer special deals and this will be an even bigger trend, no matter what size your company.

The point is that creating wealth is different today. Online companies are sprouting up and making millions. It’s a real “underground” economy that is exploding. There is a TON of money to be made online and yes, you SHOULD have a website. Everyone should!

The takeaway: If you want more money, quit thinking how money USED to be made, and start looking at what the goldmine is you are sitting on!

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