What’s the Quickest Way to Become a Millionaire?

Yesterday someone asked me what was the quickest way to become a millionaire? Although getting rich quick is not recommended because it’s usually accompanied by high risk of loss, I want to talk about something related to it that is … Continue reading

5 Tips to Get to a Million Podcast Downloads on iTunes

I’m very excited because the “Be Wealthy & Smart” podcast crossed 1 million downloads! It’s been 3 years in the making. Considering I had ZERO downloads the first week I launched, I say to new podcasters, don’t judge your future … Continue reading

Free Advice on Goal Setting From a Billionaire and Grammy® Winner!

Jeff Hoffman

How would you like some free advice on goal setting from a billionaire? One of the interviews on my podcast that was super popular this year was my interview with Jeff Hoffman, former co-founder of Priceline.com. Jeff is an amazing … Continue reading

How to Start a Blog

How to Start Your Own Blog   Looking for a “side hustle” to create extra income? The answer might be starting a blog. Starting a blog isn’t difficult, but getting it to make money takes time. This isn’t an overnight … Continue reading