080: Interview with JV Crum III, Conscious Millionaire

Learn from JV Crum III how to become a conscious millionaire, discover your purpose, and become a successful entrepreneur. Mentioned in this episode: JV’s website is: ConsciousMillionaire.com Get “Conscious Millionaire,” the #1 Book on Amazon with 50,000 downloads! Click HERE! … Continue reading

5 Reasons NOT to Be a Frugalist

Recently I was at a conference for financial bloggers and podcasters. It was very eye opening to me because some of the attendees age 25 – 35 were what I call “frugalists.” A frugalist is someone (in my opinion) who … Continue reading

10 Ways to Invest a $100,000 Inheritance

With aging parents, it is said the Baby Boom generation will inherit money. Many times I’ve seen an inheritance treated like a shopping spree rather than as an investment. Here are 10 Things to do with a $100,000 inheritance, the … Continue reading

Truly Conscious Wealth – Where the Financial and Spiritual Meet

I began noticing financial bubbles after the internet bubble.  Every so often, one asset seems to go crazy in the economy.  I noticed it wasn’t a one-time occurrence, it happened about once a decade.  The media uses the term “bubble” … Continue reading