209: Plan Your Life Like a Billionaire

I love talking about the importance of mindset in wealth building. We haven’t visited mindset for a long-time, so I thought we would today. Recently I was reading about Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. He was a successful investment banker who … Continue reading

186: What Multi-Millionaires Talk About With Their Friends

Learn what multi-millionaires talk about with their friends. Have you checked out the Creating Wealth podcast yet with Jason Hartman? It’s full of amazing information and over 700 podcasts about real estate investing. If you like this podcast, you’ll like … Continue reading

Warren Buffett Likes Brands for Wealth Building Too!

Consumer brands and wealth building go together – even Warren Buffett, thinks so! Buffett, a savvy investor with a fortune of $50 billion, says companies with strong brands are the kind of companies he likes to buy. For decades, he’s … Continue reading

086: Set and Accomplish Big Goals with Jeff Hoffman

Learn how to set and accomplish huge goals with Priceline co-founder, Jeff Hoffman. Jeff talks about how a dream became the $60 billion company, Priceline.com and how he won a Grammy for his first album! Hear from a penultimate entrepreneur … Continue reading

066: Interview with Jason Hartman of Creating Wealth

In this episode Jason shares with you: The formula to buy property to possibly make 20% to 40% annual returns Whether you should buy single family homes or condos and why Why he prefers to buy turn-key homes over foreclosures … Continue reading

Create an automated income stream or “side hustle!”

As your wealth mentor, one of the things I do is look for ways for you to create wealth. I don’t feel the need to be limited to traditional financial methods such as stocks and bonds. On the contrary, I … Continue reading

5 Reasons NOT to Be a Frugalist

Recently I was at a conference for financial bloggers and podcasters. It was very eye opening to me because some of the attendees age 25 – 35 were what I call “frugalists.” A frugalist is someone (in my opinion) who … Continue reading