Created Your Personal Wealth Bubble Yet?

personal-currencyThe Jobs Report always gives an indication of where the economy is going.  This has been called a “jobless recovery”, but that doesn’t exist.  Jobs must increase for a recovery to occur.

However, one place many unemployed, underemployed, and retired workers are going (under the radar) is to start their own businesses.  I tell everyone who’s out of work to start an internet business and I tell everyone who is employed to start an internet business!  Why?

The internet is only about 14 years old, so it’s only a teenager (yikes, you know about the problems with teenagers).  We have a long way to go until it’s mature, so now is the time to start small and learn all you can.  Online someday there will be automatic language translation, Paypal-type bill payment worldwide, and billions and billions of potential customers, all within easy reach and at very little cost to market to them.  Sounds like a scaleable business model to me!

Stories of entrepreneurs who have gone from start-up to a couple hundred thousand dollars to a couple million dollars of annual income in under 7 years are somewhat common among dozens of successful online marketers I’ve met (surely not the norm, but a learnable model).  If you haven’t made your fortune yet, I’m suggesting this is the next best thing to another real estate bubble.  For anyone who has prayed for “just one more bubble, please!”, here’s your opportunity (closely followed by the long-term price of gold).

One entrepreneur I know is passionately teaching about The Science of Getting Rich, from the book by the same title, that was written over 40 years ago and not by him.  It’s not even his information and he’s making over $1 million a year! How crazy is that?  Another reads the lines on your hands to help you determine your life’s passion and also makes over $1 million a year.  I know you don’t believe this, but it really doesn’t matter what the subject is, it’s what your message or talent is to share with others.

Now more than ever before, it’s easy to start your own business.  Just start with a free blog website such as WordPress, which ranks high with the search engines like Google, and gets you noticed. Put an opt-in box on the page ( can explain it), and you have a way to collect names of subscribers.  Write your blog and start a relationship with your subscribers about your common interest.

From there you can record CD’s and create transcripts for your topic based on your own intellectual property and life experiences. Online communities are gathering around common interests and ways to learn.  People seem to be hungry to learn from others in a personal way, by hearing their stories and having them mentor and coach them.

If you do nothing else, go to Godaddy and buy your personal name as a domain name.  If it’s already taken, like Linda Jones was, then add your middle initial like “LindaPJones”.  If that’s also taken, add another word on the end like “now” or “connect”.

Everyday topics from how to create an internet coaching business, to spiritual teaching, to finding your life’s passion are extremely popular and lucrative.  But it’s not so much the topic that matters as much as the personality of the person offering it, the authenticity of their message, and their passion for delivering it.

The lesson is not about the money.  It is about what makes you unique, what your talents are, and what message you have to share with the world.  The amazing people I have met are all passionate about their interests and although they deal with fear of failure and fear of leaving their comfort zone, they put themselves “out there” online and offline to help others.  Online businesses can supplement your offline business. If you are a realtor or own a brick and mortar business, it can grow your business faster too by getting you more clients, more exposure, and offering a way for people to get to know you better.

The point is there are so many people online, that you can gather what author Seth Godin calls a “Tribe” around you and what you want to teach.  It’s already being successfully done by non-clever niches.  Quilting, check.  Raw food, check. Energy healing, check. They’re being marketed online, and very lucratively.

Maybe it’s just the reticular activating system part of my brain noticing all these businesses now that I’ve started one, but the opportunity I see is just amazing to me!  Especially for women who have passion, motivation, and vision.  Did I mention it’s a blast too? Check back with me in 7 years and I’ll let you know how it turned out.

I’ve recommended Alexandria Brown’s Beyond the Blueprint program below because you might want to know how to get started online. This is the time to create your interests and hobby into your personal wealth bubble!

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