Creating Your WEALTHY Mindset

Many people are feeling very fearful about money right now. They are afraid they will lose it, won’t have enough, and won’t be able to get more. Fear is the enemy of wealth building because it shuts you and your brain down, and stops you from taking any proactive steps to improve your financial well-being.

Rather than coming from a place of fear, it’s best to come from gratitude, because gratitude allows you to think what’s possible, to “hear” new ideas, and to keep an open mind so you can move forward. Living in fear just keeps you stuck there.

Having a wealthy mindset today is crucial if you’re going to create more wealth. If you see how fortunate you already are, how much you already have, and how blessed your life is, you can create more of it.

Recently while I was on the cruise, I had the opportunity to shop.

Instead of feeling like I wanted more, I reflected on all the jewelry, art, and clothes I already had. I have so much, I should probably be giving some of it away! It changed my perspective and took away my desire to buy more. I wasn’t trying to not to spend, but it worked out that way because I already felt abundant.

Last edition you learned the “W” in the WEALTHY mindset system is for “write it down.”

The “E” is for ENVISION the END.

Envision what your end goal is. If it’s living a certain lifestyle or having a certain career or the perfect home, envision what you want – and do it often.

Think about it before you sleep and upon awakening. Create a picture book, a vision board, and a journal. Take the vision in your mind and put it on paper in front of you, so you can look at it, in addition to imagining it.

Now ask yourself WHY you want it. Is it for more relaxation? More time with family and friends? Less stress? Asking the why behind your vision is important to get in touch with what’s actually driving your desire.

If you know that, then you can propel your dreams into reality much more quickly by addressing what it is you really want.

Perhaps you’ve been craving a tropical vacation, and now you realize you just want less stress.

How about adding something to your life now to accomplish the same end goal?

Perhaps getting a massage once a month is a luxury you could add now that will help you feel wealthier while you’re still working on your ultimate goal. That way you have the abundance and gratitude now that will also make you feel wealthier now, and that will definitely improve your wealthy mindset!

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