Do You Have a Money Journal

One thing I’m recommending my students do is keep a “Money Journal”. A Money Journal is a place to keep your thoughts, fears, questions, affirmations, and progress with and about money. What we focus on, grows. Having a Money Journal will allow you to pay attention to your money and keep track of what you’re thinking and feeling. This is a great way to attract money to you.journal

In your Money Journal you can also keep track of your 401(k) or investment account balances from the beginning of the year and then make monthly entries, and/or calculate your net worth annually. I have calculated my net worth annually for over 20 years and it’s fun to see it grow over time! Even in a difficult year like 2008 when a lot of net worth declined because of the stock market and/or real estate, you should keep track so years from now you will realize it was temporary.

John D. Rockefeller used to track his net worth DAILY. Do you think that helped him build his fortune? I do. Again, whatever we focus on grows, so be sure you’re not deflecting money by ignoring it!

You can also use your Money Journal to help you visualize your future. Design your perfect day, from morning until night. Who would you be with? Where would you be living, working, or vacationing? What would you look like? What would your surroundings look like? The clearer your picture for the future, the faster it can come to you.

One more idea for your Money Journal: Write 100 things you are grateful for. This will put you in a mindset of gratitude, which helps raise your vibrational level, and helps your wealth mindset. Gratitude is a key part of generating wealth and attracting it to you. Practice looking at the glass half full. Pledge to try not to complain for a solid week. Give thanks continuously for all your blessings!

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