How to quit being a slave to money

thinking and results feedbackHaving just finished my first 50 podcasts (audio on demand), it’s a good time to review some important points. It’s my mission, passion, and purpose to empower you to financial freedom! Time to quit working so hard and get your money working harder for you!

Some people think money just “happens” or that people had to get a head start by inheriting it. Other people think to have money you must sell out, do something underhanded, or have bad intentions. While still others believe it’s evil, won’t make them happy, or have in some other way, banished it from their life.

The real issue why people don’t have all the money they want is they don’t master it. They give it fear over them, ignore it, run away from it, or they don’t unleash the power of it by learning how to use it properly. The vast majority of people are “spenders” not “investors” of money, which, by definition, means they will constantly be getting rid of it and not growing it.

The solution is to make money play the role in your life that YOU want it to. Stop giving your power away to money. It doesn’t have more power than you. I have talked about the importance of a wealthy mindset and the power of visualizing what you want and seeing it as already accomplished. Yet I find many people can’t or won’t decide what they really want. They are far from definite and waver all over with what their “picturing”.

Here are 5 things to do that will help you get out of the money pit and help you become the master of your money:

1. Decide what you want – how much money will make you comfortable? How and where do you want to live? What is it you are aiming for?

2. Solidify the picture – see the end result as if it is already accomplished.

3. Realize your Future Self is already you, today. The person you want to become is the same person that you already are, just a little more experienced.

4. Accept yourself in this new light as a more powerful person than you currently think you are. You are capable of far more than you are giving yourself credit for.

5. Decide money will be a slave to you – you will no longer be a slave to money. Three times a day for 10 minutes, pause and visualize the end picture of you having what you want, the life you want, the people you want around you. Give thanks for your blessings.

You truly are more powerful than you believe. You are a creator of your thoughts and your thoughts become your life. Praying to God requires you to have faith. Faith, belief, definiteness of purpose, they are all ways of saying you must believe before you can receive.

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