Is Accumulating Money a Priority for You?

Is accumulating more money a priority for you?
People who are really successful spend their time studying, learning, and focusing on what they want to improve.

Even people who are already pro’s, like Tiger Woods, have a caddy to guide them. Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire stock trader, has had a mentor for years.

Almost every successful person I know is constantly learning and improving.

If you don’t spend your time learning and improving the things that are your priorities, then they aren’t a priority.

That’s OK – unless you really want them to be a priority and are ignoring them!

You might wish you had more money, or wish you could travel more, or wish you could help your kids or family, or wish you could play golf all the time, but wishing won’t make it happen!

Repeat this out loud:

If I don’t make accumulating more money a priority so I can live the life I love, it won’t happen.

If you want to have more money, then you have to model what wealthy people do, because, as you already know:

What you focus on expands.

I learned this when I was young and I read the richest man in the world (at that time John D. Rockefeller), was a clerk who calculated his net worth every day and eventually became the world’s richest man!

Of course, he made accumulating money a priority by focusing on it.

That’s what I’m serving to you on a silver platter – the opportunity to focus on accumulating more money by doing the work for you and making it simple to efficiently and effectively focus where you need to to accumulate money to live the life you love.

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