How Will Kim Kardashian’s Insurance Claim Work?

Wonder what happens when you make a claim for a jewelry loss and what Kim Kardashian might experience?

I had the unfortunate experience of having jewelry stolen from my home.

Although I usually keep it locked away in a safe, I unpacked my bag and threw the silk pouch with a Tahitian pearl necklace, earrings and ring into my drawer with plans to put them in the safe later.

When I went to look for it, it was missing.

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In between that time there were several people in my home including house cleaners, window washers, repair men, etc. that could have taken it.

It was devastating because it was my favorite jewelry and very valuable. The pearls also had diamond on the ring and earrings.

I called my insurance agent to report the loss. The ring and necklace were insured but the earrings weren’t.

I bought the ring and necklace from the same jeweler and received written appraisals for them which I used to insure them. The earrings I bought from someone else and didn’t get an appraisal, so I didn’t insure them.

Needless to say, I was so sad for my loss.

What I learned about making an insurance claim for jewelry is you have to make the claim within 30 days of discovering it.

Once you make the claim an insurance adjuster calls and asks you details about what happened, dates, the details about the jewelry, etc.

It goes to an underwriter who reviews the case and decides whether to pay the claim or not.

Kim Kardashian RingsBut back to our story about Kim Kardashian.

Kim will have to speak with her insurance company and give them the details about what happened.

After review, the claim is paid. You have a choice whether to replace the jewelry and have them pay a jeweler or take the cash.

Since Kim’s ring can’t be replaced very easily and it will take time to find a 20 carat emerald cut D-color diamond since they are very rare. Who knows what else was stolen, but it’s reported to be worth a total of $11 million.

I would bet she will take the cash and take her time finding a suitable replacement, if she wants one which apparently she is doubtful about but her husband wants to replace it.

I’m sure the rumors will fly from people who don’t understand how the process of the insurance works and she will be accused of some kind of a scam. The reality is, she is just following how the insurance process works.

You can see more of Kim Kardashian’s jewelry here.

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