Lottery Winners’ Secrets

Recently I was watching a TV show about lottery winners. I was watching the show because I’m always fascinated to learn about what lottery winners do that make their happy winnings end in disaster – at least reportedly, much of the time. To my surprise, there was a story not only with a happy ending, but also with a manifesting lesson. I love to hear how people use their mind to bring wealth into their life. It’s definitely part of having a wealth mindset, which I believe is the foundation of all wealth. (And I love it so much, I’m putting together a free series of 21 days to a Wealth Mindset coming soon!).

The story was really fascinating because a woman, Cynthia Stafford, had become a foster mom to her brothers’ 5 children when he was killed by a drunk driver. She wished for more money and barely had enough to get by. She decided to put her mind to work to see if she could bring money into her life.

She decided $112,000,000 was the amount of money she wanted (I admire her ambition!). She wrote the number down several times a day, slept with it under her pillow, and meditated on what her life would be like after she won the money. About 4 months later, she heard a lotto jackpot was $112,000,000 and she bought a ticket. She found out on Mother’s Day in 2007 she had indeed won $112,000,000!march2014b

What was interesting to me was she talked about how it took months to get over the resistance of belief that it could happen, yet she forged ahead and didn’t give up. She had full faith that it was possible for her to impact the future and reap the rewards of desire, concentration, and focus.

How can you learn from this? Well, I can’t promise you will win the lottery, but I have seen the power of people choosing an outcome and having it appear in their time and space reality.

1. The first thing to do is pay attention to what you desire, because you wouldn’t have the desire if you weren’t meant to have it.

2. Write down what you desire. Put this paper where you can see it often so you can keep it in the front of your mind. Too many times I’ve seen people get excited about a goal, only to abandon it and give up only a few days or even hours later.

3. See yourself having what you want. How would you feel with the money? What words would you hear? What would you see and feel once your goal is accomplished?

4. Maintain giving your goal energy daily until you no longer have to convince yourself that you can accomplish your goal.

5. Be prepared to carry on with visualizing your goal for several months. Be patient and know that your imagination does have the power to create your desires. Give yourself a minimum of 3 to 4 months for your desire to appear.

6. Don’t have too many goals to visualize at the same time. Try to stay focused on only one specific and definite goal so you don’t disperse your energy.

7. Get yourself to a point of absolute belief. This is not about proving this to yourself, rather you have to believe first and overcome skepticism or you won’t get results. You must get rid of skepticism and feel certainty and believe. You’ll be amazed what changes you can make in your life when you believe.

While the financial information I share usually is tangible and specific, I do believe that all wealth begins with how you think. I’ve read too many wealthy people believe in these principles to think it is fiction. The factual book written about this was Think and Grow Rich, commissioned by Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest man of his day.

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