How would you like to attract a steady stream of affluent clients who can easily afford your products and services in any economy and become such raving fans they tell all their friends about you?

From the desk of Linda P. Jones
Thursday, 1pm

Dear Friend,

Having a successful business requires a serious commitment of time and money. The backbone of any business is obtaining new clients to offer your products and services to. It can be challenging when you provide high quality products and services, but don’t seem to attract a steady stream of affluent buyers who deeply desire what you’re offering.

You’ve noticed new clients who can afford to pay top dollar are getting harder to come by.

So why is it getting harder to find clients who can afford to pay you what you’re worth? Why do you keep hearing the same old “I’d like to work with you (or buy your product), but I can’t afford it” objection all the time?

champagneIs it the economy? Your sales pitch? Your pricing?

In your heart, you know it’s not just about the money, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it IS.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You would like to attract more affluent clients
  • You’d like to know what it is clients would pay you top dollar to have
  • You’re not sure how and where to find affluent clients
  • You feel like you’re working hard, doing all the right things and still not making more money
  • You’re having trouble selling your high-end packages, products, coaching or events

What does this all have in common?

You aren’t attracting clients who are trading up for luxury brands!

tiffanyTraditional thinking is if you charge more, you’ll sell fewer items. Not true. That’s old school thinking. Today, clients are willing, even eager, to pay a premium price for luxury goods and services – products and services that possess higher levels of quality, taste, and aspiration, but are not so expensive as to be out of reach.

In category after category of luxury goods and services, the traditional leaders have been de-throned and luxury winners have emerged.

Are you ready to be a part of the luxury brand market?

Here are a few facts:

  1. People earning over $250,000 earn 36% of all the income and control 70% of the net worth in the U.S.
  2. 96% of people earning over $50,000 will pay a premium for at least one type of product. That is 122 million Americans. (Since today we market globally, that’s a drop in the bucket).
  3. Women have always been important as consumers and influencers of spending, but now nearly 25% of married women out-earn their husbands.
  4. Today there are more couples with fewer kids, people are living longer, and there are more singles with more money to spend on themselves.
  5. Globalization provides a world-wide market for luxury goods. Premium retailers have expanded overseas to reach those markets and entrepreneurs have the same or maybe an even better niche opportunity than large chain stores.

Yes, you CAN have clients with disposable income of $250,000 or more and have a propensity to buy.

Now that you understand how powerful the affluent market is, what should you do?

Some entrepreneurs think it’s about just jacking up your prices, having a pretty website and marketing materials. Not so! There’s a whole strategy of selling to the affluent that involves their emotions and primal wants and must be comprehensive and cohesive. I will share with you my secrets to working with affluent clients and creating a luxury brand that attracts them to work with you!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


Hi, I’m Linda P. Jones. I’ve worked with affluent clients in the financial world for over 25 years. During my career in financial services, I worked with affluent clients, received specialized training from expert consultants, and achieved a level of sales in my territory of over $200 million consistently and $500 million (yes, half a billion dollars!) in my best year.

The problem Financial Advisors have is people think they are basically the same. Even worse, the firms they work for usually don’t allow them to advertise themselves. Differentiation is a challenge and I became a master at helping advisors stand out and attract affluent clients. I lived and breathed it and put what I know to use in my own business.

It’s not your fault you don’t know how to attract affluent clients – this isn’t the typical branding stuff you hear – and I’ve made it easy for entrepreneurs to learn luxury marketing methods without the struggle of trial and error.

Every entrepreneur has a luxury brand in them, even if they sell hamburgers.

lux-brand-onlineOften I find entrepreneurs don’t know what it is their clients will pay more to learn and they are leaving money on the table! If that’s you, you need to hear this!

Just like anything else that works, there’s a create your luxury brand formula. I’ll show you step-by-step what you need to know to work with clients who expect and crave luxury products. There’s a way to do it and a way NOT to do it that could make the difference between earning just thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Most people have short changed themselves either by trying to “lowball” their prices or worse, give away things for free hoping someone will be interested and buy later.

You may not even realize – yet – that you have a special talent, knowledge, or skill that people will pay more for. You might not even be offering the thing that could be your most valuable and sought after item!

This is especially for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to create quality products & services, become the leader in your industry and have a steady stream of affluent clients who can afford to pay you top dollar in any economy
  • Speakers, Authors, Consultants and Coaches who ARE their brand and want to set themselves apart as the leading expert and authority
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, etc.) who want to stand out, be #1 and eliminate the competition
  • Commissioned salespeople who want to sell more to affluent clients and corporate officers
  • Product and service providers who want to know how to create, price, package and promote a luxury brand
  • Business people who want to attract nice clients who appreciate and afford what you do – and refer their friends to you

This is NOT for:

  • People who would rather struggle with clients that can’t pay for their services
  • People who are reluctant to make positive changes that will bring them more money
  • People who already know it all and won’t receive constructive advice to help them
  • People who want to stay stuck

"We made more money and charged a record amount for our services."

Before working with Linda, I felt our brand wasn't attracting our target market. That we had to explain what our business was all about. Linda worked with us to create a name more aligned with what we do, change our colors and logo, and create a title that attracted more affluent clients. Since making the changes, we've had out first live event, made more money, charged a record amount, and offered our first 6 month program, which really launched our following. It was a huge game changer and I will be forever grateful for Linda's insight and expertise.

—Keri Newell
Communication Magic With Men

In the Create Your Luxury Brand™ Online Mentorship you will learn:

Training #1
How Do Everyday Brands Become Luxury Brands?

  • Why everyone has a luxury brand in them and how to find yours, (even if your product is a hamburger!)
  • What are luxury brands and how do they exude quality and entice people to pay the highest prices?
  • What makes a luxury brand? Why is Louis Vuitton not perceived as just an overpriced vinyl handbag? What is the psychology behind luxury brands?
  • How do the brands you love show you everything about the brand you should be creating?

Training #2
Value, pricing, and transformation: A foolproof system to launch a luxury brand

  • Why you MUST charge more than you might imagine – I’ll tell you why and how to figure out what the magic number is for you
  • What aspects of your product have the highest perceived value – and it’s probably not what you think it is
  • The easy step-by-step Create Your Luxury Brand™ System that gets big results
  • Why luxury brands give your clients – and YOU – more confidence and self-worth

Training #3
Attract your dream clients – how to promote and package for high-end clients

  • Are you packaging and marketing to the primal wants of dream clients or nightmare clients?
  • Do you know why the WHO your target market is is much more important than the WHAT you are offering?
  • Do you know your customers subconscious desires even before they do and how to use that knowledge to get them to buy NOW and in the future?
  • Do you know the one thing Apple computer does to blow away the competition and how to use it in your marketing strategy?
  • Have you developed a media plan to reach the right media and attract your dream clients?

Training #4
Beauty is intrinsic in luxury but online it doesn’t come easily for everyone

  • Every tweet, post, and color needs to exude luxury…I’ll show you how
  • Does your website reflect your value and an accurate message and transformation?
  • Are you ready to get your star shining, stop feeling invisible and playing small?

Training #5
How to attain the leadership status you deserve: be the best in quality, experience, and results and you’ll never be searching for clients again

  • Do you know the secret power of being the #2 brand before you become #1?
  • How are you serving and servicing your clients differently than the competition?
  • Do you know how to over-deliver without breaking the bank?
  • What’s the secret to turning complaints into loyal clients?
  • What are specific words to use and NOT use with the affluent?
  • What’s your next step to put it all together?

YES! I want to invest in myself, create my luxury brand, and work with affluent clients!

For my investment, I understand I’m going to get:

  • 5 1-hour MP3 recordings of Luxury Brand Trainings
  • 1 1-hour MP3 of Q & A Luxury Brand Training
  • PDF file with written transcripts of all (6) Create Your Luxury Brand audio recordings
  • BONUS PDF: Luxury Fonts and Colors
  • Homework Questions for you to print out and answer to create your luxury brand
  • A 30 minute LIVE 1-on-1 call with Linda P. Jones to answer your questions

Pay In Full Price (Best Deal) $997
or, pay in 3 Easy Installments of $397
(installments are billed every 30 days)

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It’s all backed by my 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you don’t love this program, let me know within 30 days and you’ll get your money back!

100% Guarantee

"We are charging more for our valuable services...and our business is growing so fast!"

My daughter, Keri, and I have amazing information that has been transforming relationships between men and women, but we couldn't seem to get the word out. We were discouraged and ready to give up, when we discovered a gem, Linda P. Jones. Linda is a gifted business mentor and she has turned it all around for us. She helped us to re-brand and our new Luxury Brand, "Communication Magic With Men", is bringing women who are ready and excited to learn. All we have to do is mention our new name and they want what we have! We are charging more than ever before for our valuable services and women are willing to make the investment. We have learned from Linda how to make clear what we are offering. Our business is growing so fast thanks to Linda and her wealth of business strategies. Thank you, Linda. I will be forever grateful!

—Dr. Sherie Zander
Communication Magic With Men

“Linda has taken our business to the next level!”

“Linda’s ideas and mentoring have taken our business to the next level! Without Linda’s guidance, we would still be merely spinning our wheels.” 

—Brian Kelly

Pay In Full Price (Best Deal) $997
or, pay in 3 Easy Installments of $397
(installments are billed every 30 days)

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"Linda offers an unmatched program for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

"Linda P. Jones’s program Create Your Luxury Brand places your business in a lucrative market that pays for quality service and luxury. The integral piece that sets her program apart from others is that she helps you align your purpose with your business. She helps you with language, color, and packaging that attracts the affluent. Linda offers an unmatched program for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

—Suzy Manning

Linda, tell me…

Q. Is this a basic branding program?

While I do touch on branding fundamentals, this goes way beyond the basics. It is an ADVANCED course that will teach you how to reach the primal and subconscious emotions of affluent clients, how to price your luxury products and services so clients aspire to buy them, how to find and attract a steady stream of affluent buyers and everything you need to become the leader in your industry. These are the strategies the most exclusive luxury brands use.

Q. Can I take this online mentorship if I haven’t taken a branding course before?

Yes! There is no pre-requisite required. You can apply this immediately and attract the clientele that you really want.

Q. Is it worth the investment?

Absolutely! You have to make smart decisions about where and how to invest in yourself. This mentorship is the best investment I know of and is designed to make the permanent difference you’ve been looking for. Obtaining just ONE new client could make back your entire investment. This might be just what you need to give you a steady stream of affluent clients, allow you to charge more with ease and put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket for years to come!

Q. What if I don’t have a business or website yet?

It’s best if you have an established business, but if you’re just starting out, this could save you from wasting thousands of dollars, creating underwhelming products and targeting the wrong clients. You’ll master luxury branding and that will help make all your other business decisions easier. Whether you are working with a designer on your website, or a copywriter on your marketing materials, this course will make it much easier for you to get it right the first time and attract the affluent clientele you desire.

Q. What if I’m not an American? Will these concepts apply to my business?

Yes, you don’t have to be an American. These are strategies global brands use. They will work anywhere in the world.

Q. How do I know this is right for me?

I’m confident you will learn more than you think is possible right now. These are advanced strategies that you don’t hear about and, of course, you’re always protected by my 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. As long as you have completed all the assignments, if you are not completely satisfied, you can have a full refund.

Q. I’m super busy, is this really worth my time and money?

The busier you are, the more this will help you. Many of my students have told me how valuable this information is, how it changed their business and how they loved the material. Your return on investment will far exceed your expectations. You’ve made it to the bottom of the page, so get started creating your luxury brand now!

"Linda showed me how to tailor my product line to appeal to affluent clients."

Working with Linda's Luxury Brand Mentorship has given my artisan jewelry a new image. From the online personality including colors, fonts and website design to choosing your brand name and tailoring your product line to appeal to affluent clients - Linda's lessons have given a tremendous amount of information that NOBODY else is sharing. This is the only class of it's kind!

—Dawn Doucette

P.S. If you are ready to have a stable of clients who have plenty of money to pay for your services, deeply desire what you provide, and are dream clients to work with this is the place!

P.P.S. If you don’t take action now, 6 months from now when you look back to today, you’ll find yourself with the same problems and the same challenges as you have today.