Prepare for your Best Year Ever!

It’s the new year, the time we make new resolutions and cast them aside not too long after. As I was sitting down to write this article, I thought of a lot of things I could say. I could write about how to keep your resolutions, how to start the year off on the right foot, how to set goals, etc. etc. etc. but I realized I wanted to say something much simpler and more profound. I wanted something that everyone could do and succeed at – and it would make a difference. So here it is:

Prepare for your best year ever!2014

Before you brush this off as too simplistic, hear me out.

What would you do differently if you really were preparing to have the best year ever? How would your environment change? How would your shopping change? What would you discard immediately? What would you add or start or take on?

Now let me ask you…

What, besides money, is stopping you from doing those things? I understand money can be the issue, but it’s often not only money. Usually we’re tolerating things we don’t want to for some unknown reason, or we keep making ourselves do the same things we don’t want to do over and over, or we hate our surroundings, paint color, furniture choice, pictures in our office.

We wait until we “deserve” better and never get around to changing it.

What if you changed your viewpoint and started preparing for the things you really want in life. If you had your best year ever and you’d reward yourself with a new handbag or golf clubs, do you know the exact model you’d buy? Get online and research it. Do everything you would do just short of exchanging money. Get online and search for your new home, car, shoes, etc.

Spend an hour just dreaming of what you would do if you had your best year ever. Start telling yourself this will be your best year ever. Write it down and keep it in eye’s view. Tell me next year how it worked out for you. I’ll bet it’s your best year ever!

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