"Linda helped me set my own financial path for success."

"I have significantly reduced my debt while also saving, and will be debt free in a couple months! Linda has been a huge influence here and though I have had a couple of stops and starts, over the last 6 years I was able to reduce enough that I took a fabulous trip to Scotland in July AND it was all paid for prior to my vacation and there was no dipping into my savings!

This is HUGE for me, and required a huge change in my mindset and my spending habits that I've been working on for the last 3.5 - 4 years. The habits and thoughts of a lifetime CAN be changed with diligent work, and Linda's work on a wealthy mindset was a critical part of ridding me of my "shiny objects" buying pattern that was undermining my ability to save and successfully invest.

Thank you, Linda, for showing me the path - it took a while for me to focus, do the work and create the change and I've done it!"

—Tracy Emory