Soul Level Wealth

Money flowing into the world elements of this image furnished by NASASoul level wealth is about being spiritual and wealthy. It’s about living your life’s purpose and using your personal currency – your gifts and talents – to experience joy and make a difference. There’s a circular effect when you are making a living using your personal currency that starts a ripple effect and makes an impact and makes money flow back to you. When you use your gifts, it creates money that can flow to you and help others. When you ignore this, and work just for money, it often backfires. Soul level wealth isn’t about the money, it’s about the WHY behind the money and it’s about what you can do with money to make a difference and improve the planet.

I’ve run across people who are spiritual and believe that you can’t be spiritual and have money. That money somehow taints you or makes you less spiritual or questions your motives. I beg to differ. I’ve noticed the blessings that come to those who are increasing consciousness on the planet – those that are obedient to their life’s contract. Using your natural gifts to make a contribution is a way to have more money flow to you.

It’s not about loving money, it’s about using it as a tool to do good works. Being a giver allows you to help others and enjoy what life has to offer. Do you know how much good you can do by simply making small micro loans to villagers internationally or contributing to a school in Africa? Giving food to a food bank or to the homeless? We all can do these things, yet if we have more money we can make an even bigger difference. I also believe giving back and using money for enjoyable experiences, for example vacations, concerts, and socializing, are more important than having “things”. Spending time with friends and loved ones can be one of the most meaningful and best uses of money.

Decide, expect and prepare for money to flow to you. Repelling it because you are spiritual doesn’t do anyone any good. To exclude the abundance that wants to come to you is to reject part of the gift of life you’ve been given. Consider everything possible. Consider everything affordable. Don’t screen out looking at anything because it’s “too expensive.” By doing so you are rejecting some of what life wants to give you. You are worthy and deserving of wealth and will receive more if you stop deflecting it and rejecting it. Open your awareness to the abundance around you and begin receive the money that wants to flow to you.

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  1. Thank you Linda for such a profound article, I love it so much because for the past 25 years this is the only way that I have operated, I trust the Lord for all of His promises to me and I just do my part of what He expects me to do, being spiritual has to be directed by a power far greater than us, it must be able to propel us far beyond our human capabilities because if it does not and we rely on our own human understanding then we can only go as far as what we know and understand.
    Everything that God created works in this magnificent rhythm
    and flow in the earth and in nature, one does not have to be a believer to see this in action but God tells us to test Him in His word and then just apply it with expectation and see Him do His magic (wow) I have seen even with my own skepticism before I became a Christian and now I am able to trust the laws of nature and this earth because as a spiritual person I no longer repel wealth,love,peace, and joy because it is a direct PROMISE from our heavenly Father and it is for all humans that believe that and take hold if they want it, so to all that read this article TAKE HOLD and believe God wants to bless you with what our precious sister Linda has spoken in this article, you will never find this to be true if you do not take that leap of FAITH….go for it….yeahhhhhhhh

    Congrats Katy way to go…always be prepared in all SEASONS.

    • Thank you, Erkkie! I’m so glad the article touched you. You and I have a knowing that this is true and I hope other women will have that as well. There is a “magnificent rhythm” to everything, I love that! It is so profound and it’s my goal to have more people understand that’s how the Universe operates. Thank you so much for sharing and God bless. Linda

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