Linda P. Jones, America's Wealth Mentor for Women™

Linda P. Jones, America’s Wealth Mentor for Women™

Have you chosen spirituality over money? Do you feel that it’s destiny or fate that some people have wealth while others barely get by? How do you really look at the wealthy… and why? Think of how Hollywood often portrays the wealthy… what kind of seeds do you feel that plants within our subconscious minds?

EVERYONE has their own preconceived notions around being wealthy.

Sometimes they’re healthy ideas and sometimes they become barriers to letting wealth in because we’re afraid of who we might become if we let it in.

What we need to do to is understand what money really is and what it isn’t. It is inanimate so it can’t physically do anything to us. The only energy it has is what we personally give it.

Here’s the truth: we have ideas about being wealthy that were implanted deep within us years ago – before we were able to disagree.

We have the power to change that imprint and instead create what we desire.

You are only as wealthy as you believe you can be and still maintain the feeling that you are a good person.

To begin to increase your wealth, you must first increase your faith or belief in who you really are and the fact that increasing your wealth will not change you beyond making it more possible for you to fulfill who you came here to be.

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