Stock Market Cycles 2015

I’m going to share information about cycles and the stock market that I usually only teach my inner circle in the Be Wealthy & Smart VIP Experience, so you will have up to date, important information about what’s really going on in financial markets that you haven’t heard on CNBC or from your financial advisor.

When I was in the financial industry, I didn’t know stock market cycles existed. Like everyone else, I was taught by the industry that you can’t know the future, that markets are random, or news driven or earnings driven.

No one ever said markets could be predicted or that they were not random. I didn’t learn about this until 2008 when I heard a former market timer for Goldman Sachs say, “markets don’t move randomly. If they did, we wouldn’t be able to predict them so accurately.”

That caught my attention and started me down a rabbit hole that most financial advisors would scoff at, but billionaires wouldn’t.

Here’s why.

When the stock market (the Dow), crashed 23% on Monday, October 19, 1987, Paul Tudor Jones (no relation to this Jones) made $100 million in one day.

In a PBS TV documentary, he credited following stock market cycles for his astronomical success.

Because he followed cycles, he anticipated a huge drop in the stock market and could invest accordingly ahead of time.

It made him a fortune. Today he’s a billionaire and runs the Robin Hood Foundation, donating money to the underprivileged.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I follow stock market cycles too.

Cycles are energetic and repeat at regular intervals.

Think of the 4 seasons, bird migration patterns, biorhythms, heartbeats, EKG’s, planetary orbits, and on and on.

It’s been documented there are over 4,200 cycles on our planet!

It’s the way the world works, yet almost nobody knows it or talks about it.

What most people don’t realize (but billionaires do) is that cycles also occur in financial markets – stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, etc.

What I have been sharing in my wealth building VIP Experience community for the last several months is we are in a repeating cycle that I refer to as “the tunnel.”

The tunnel is a time when world wide capital flows shift and cause huge disruption in the markets.

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What I’m about to say next may seem alarming or “too technical”, but bear with me here.

Again what most people (including financial advisors) aren’t aware of is that we are in a world wide sovereign debt crisis, because governments have been creating more debt since the Financial Crisis of 2008-9.

The Federal Reserve is now talking about raising interest rates.

By just talking about raising rates, the Fed has set off a decline in emerging market countries.

Those countries used low U.S. interest rates to borrow money. Raising rates will raise their borrowing costs.

Factor in declines in their currencies and that magnifies their costs to borrow.

That’s because currencies such as the Dollar, Yen and Euro have shifted, bond yields moved up (dropping bond valuations) and emerging markets have declined.

Raising interest rates is a “tightening” monetary policy meaning it takes liquidity out of the market.

That’s what’s happening.

Whether or not the Fed raises rates next week (and they might not if markets continue to perform poorly), huge volatility of capital flows is happening.

If they don’t raise rates, it could be MORE disturbing to markets because the traders are expecting a .25% hike.

If that doesn’t happen, currency traders will be scrambling because currencies will move in the opposite direction of what they expect and how they are invested.

For example, higher rates would normally make the Dollar rise (and they may be invested in the trade for the Dollar rising), but if the Fed doesn’t raise rates, the Dollar will fall and all those traders will likely sell the Dollar, potentially causing a Dollar crash.

images_3We are potentially setting up for a crash in the Dollar, bonds, emerging markets and US stocks.

It was predicted 30 years ago by the most accurate cycle forecasters!

I don’t mean to be alarming, but I thought you should know all this because it’s not being talked about or explained how it’s all connected in the media or by financial advisors.

Billionaires are ready for the next big decline, but most people aren’t.

As a wealth mentor, my mission is to make you aware of wealth building opportunities.

You can use this knowledge of cycles to your advantage.

Next week on December 16th when the Fed meets and the US Government extension of the budget runs out, it will be VERY interesting.

I have my VIP Experience group in cash, waiting for a buying opportunity in the markets.

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