326: ENCORE: 7 Investment Strategies of Centimillionaires

Learn 7 investment strategies of centimillionaires. In this episode of Be Wealthy & Smart, I interview Richard C. Wilson from familyoffices.com. Here are the 7 Investment Strategies of Centimillionaires: 1. Own the game 2. Alpha-mail (instead of blackmail) 3. Niche … Continue reading

316: 10 Billionaires Who Grew Up Poor

Learn about 10 billionaires who grew up poor. New listeners hit SUBSCRIBE! The article is here. ****************************************** I’m having a summer giveaway through the end of September…you could win 6 awesome prizes: 5 of The Wealthy Mindset Blueprint (audio course): … Continue reading

299: ENCORE: The Money Podcast

Learn the truth about money and wealth building. I’m going to push back on experts who write about how to build wealth! The articles usually go something like this: Budget yourself silly. Don’t spend any money. Don’t live beyond your … Continue reading