209: Plan Your Life Like a Billionaire

I love talking about the importance of mindset in wealth building. We haven’t visited mindset for a long-time, so I thought we would today. Recently I was reading about Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. He was a successful investment banker who … Continue reading

200: Is Value Investing Dead?

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Warren Buffett Likes Brands for Wealth Building Too!

Consumer brands and wealth building go together – even Warren Buffett, thinks so! Buffett, a savvy investor with a fortune of $50 billion, says companies with strong brands are the kind of companies he likes to buy. For decades, he’s … Continue reading

146: 7 Reasons Why LeBron James is a Smart Money Manager

Learn what smart moves LeBron has made that are very different from other successful pro athletes, high-paid actors and lottery winners. Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for winning the 2016 NBA Championship! I’ve been reading about LeBron James and what … Continue reading