322: Is Active or Passive Management Better?

Learn why active management is outperforming index funds this year and what to do about it. Hit the subscribe button! The article is posted here. ********************************* I’m having a summer giveaway through the end of September…you could win 6 awesome … Continue reading

312: Buzz Index, Artificial Intelligence in FinTech & Investing with Jamie Wise

Learn about the BUZZ Index, artificial intelligence in FinTech and Investing with Jamie Wise. New listeners hit SUBSCRIBE! Our interview today is with Jamie Wise, the inventor of the Buzz Index ETF. Jamie is incredibly intelligent and has some interesting … Continue reading

304: Listener Q: How Do I Find ETF’s and Decide What to Invest In?

Learn how to find ETFs and decide what to invest in. This episode is sponsored by Audible. It’s the way I “read” more books and stay ahead of the curve. Audible is, of course, the easiest way to read books … Continue reading