010: Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost is a spending philosophy that I use and what I recommend to use in place of budgets. Learn how to find more money to invest and why buying cars too frequently can cost you millions of dollars. Mentioned … Continue reading

005: How to Get Rich – Step 2: Save a Nest Egg

How to Get Rich – Step 2 of the 6 Steps to Wealth: Save a Nest Egg. How to find money to start a nest egg, whether to invest or pay off debt, appreciating assets vs. depreciating assets and how … Continue reading

001: Be Wealthy & Smart – Introduction

Learn how I came to be America’s Wealth Mentor™, my humble beginnings, and how I made $2 million by age 39. Mentioned on the show: Wealth Mini-Course & Journal by Linda P. Jones – The Wealth Mini-Course and Journal I … Continue reading