10 Ways to Invest a $100,000 Inheritance

With aging parents, it is said the Baby Boom generation will inherit money. Many times I’ve seen an inheritance treated like a shopping spree rather than as an investment. Here are 10 Things to do with a $100,000 inheritance, the … Continue reading

How To Sell Your Home for More Money


There’s so much news about the real estate markets – it’s all over the media and everyone’s talking about it. You’ve decided to sell you home or real estate properties and wonder what’s really going on in your area. Real … Continue reading

The 6 Steps to Wealth

People often ask me, how do you build wealth? Wealth was something that was all around me growing up on Mercer Island, WA. There were large mansions, yachts and waterfront property all around us. Gorgeous skyline views. Fancy cars. Designer … Continue reading