019: How to Be a Luxury Brand When You Have a Job

What if you work for someone else—can you still be a luxury brand? Absolutely! Creating your luxury brand is about using your strengths, separating yourself from appearing to be like everyone else, and engaging colleagues and clients in a unique … Continue reading

018: 9 Common Mistakes When Creating a Luxury Brand™ Business

Avoid these nine mistakes most entrepreneurs make when trying to develop their companies into a luxury brand: 1. Not telling a story. 2. Not having a cohesive and comprehensive approach to attract clients. 3. Overlooking your highest perceived value. 4. … Continue reading

017: Why You Should Work With Affluent Clients

It’s more important than ever to work with affluent clients. Having affluent clients means your business will survive tough times because you’re targeting people who have money to pay you. If you charge more than lower-priced competitors, you don’t need … Continue reading

015: Create Your Luxury Brand™ Business

Learn why a luxury brand business is an important wealth builder and is one of the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building.™ Why everyone should have a part-time online business. Five facts about the luxury brand market. Action Step: Think of … Continue reading