206: Seasonality & Cycles with Garrett Jones

Learn about stock market seasonality and cycles in this interview with Garrett Jones from Peter Eliades Stock Market Cycles Management, Inc. Book mentioned in this episode: Stock Market Logic by Norm Fosback. Financial freedom can be yours… Click for instant … Continue reading

Why Women Investors Abandon Financial Advisors

Recently I read an article that said “women in the U.S. control $5 trillion of wealth…yet multiple studies and surveys have found that the financial-services industry has failed to engage its female clients, or even understand them.” And worse, “70% … Continue reading

How To Sell Your Home for More Money


There’s so much news about the real estate markets – it’s all over the media and everyone’s talking about it. You’ve decided to sell you home or real estate properties and wonder what’s really going on in your area. Real … Continue reading