029: Your Personal Currency

Learn what personal currency is, how to determine your personal currency, and why your currency is your inner wealth that can lead to your outer wealth. What’s your personal currency? Not sure? Many people say they don’t know their life’s … Continue reading

009: How to Get Rich – Step 6: Protect Your Wealth

How to Get Rich – The 6th step to wealth is to “Protect Your Wealth.” Learn why leverage is a tool and how millionaires use it skillfully. Increase your return on investment (ROI) with debt used smartly. Be Wealthy & … Continue reading

008: How to Get Rich – Step 5: Compound at a High Rate

How to Get Rich – Step 5 of the 6 Steps to Wealth is to “Compound at a High Rate.” Learn what compounding rates and length of time will make you a millionaire. Included are tools to strengthen your wealth … Continue reading

007: How to Get Rich – Step 4: Invest in a Money Engine

How to Get Rich – Step 4: Invest in a Money Engine. Learn why some people become rich, what you need to do to become rich, and how soon you can reach your goals for financial freedom. Be Wealthy & … Continue reading

006: How to Get Rich – Step 3: Find a Mentor

How to Get Rich – Step 3 of the 6 Steps to Wealth: Find a Mentor. Learn how to select a mentor, who NOT to choose as a mentor, and hear my story about attending the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder meeting. … Continue reading

004: Wealthy Mindset – Bonus Episode

Learn the W-E-A-L-T-H system for changing your thoughts and beliefs about wealth. Mentioned on this episode: FREE app for iPhone: Flipagram – Use this tool to create your customized audio and video vision boards. Recommended reading: Think and Grow Richby … Continue reading

002: The Twin Pillars of Wealth Building

Wealth Building can happen from understanding bubbles and cycles in the economy. Invest like Billionaires™ and Create Your Luxury Brand™ business to harness the power of the Twin Pillars of Wealth Building.™ Mentioned in this episode: Shopify (mispronounced on the … Continue reading

Wealth Building Secrets of Billionaires


Recently Forbes published it’s wealthiest people in the world issue. For the third year in a row, Carlos Slim, a telecommunications mogul from Mexico, topped the list with $69 billion. Not surprisingly (at least not to me), Carlos owns a … Continue reading