The 2 All-time Greatest Investors Do This

Modeling successful people can often lead to the same results.

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

In my last blog post, I shared with you that 3 bubbles are forming and how bubbles will be where major wealth is created. If you missed that email, you can read it HERE.

Great investors use cycles to anticipate where money will flow in the future—including where bubbles are forming.

They don’t look in the rear-view mirror as we’ve been taught to invest.

Here’s what legendary billionaire investor, one of the greatest investors of all-time, George Soros, has to say about bubbles:

“When I see a bubble forming, I rush in to buy…”

Did you catch that?

One of the richest men in the world and he rushes in to buy bubbles!

Yep. 🙂

His former partner, Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund, with a 4200% return (vs. 47% for the S & P 500), is also considered to be one of the greatest investors of all-time (surpassing Warren Buffett).

What does Jim Rogers say about bubbles?

“Bonds everywhere are in a bubble, and the pop is coming…and…the U.S. dollar could literally turn into a bubble.” (Funny, I just mentioned those 2 bubbles in my last post!).

One of the bubbles I’m watching begins at the end of October.

Cycle research is showing one asset is bottoming soon before it flips in direction and skyrockets.

Literally flips, then goes up dramatically for a 2 year period.

A bubble is defined as a valuation that gets so far ahead of itself it detaches from reality.

Where bubbles form is the best place (highest rate to compound) because it’s where the crowd’s money eventually goes.

For years, bubbles will accumulate and gather momentum until the crowd recognizes the incredible rates of return. That’s when they jump in, usually at the top, because they haven’t studied how to identify bubbles, what is making them rise and the tell-tale signs of a peak, telling them when to get out.

Many billionaires have a HUGE edge — they know ahead of time where cycles show money is flowing into the next bubble.

For example, you’ve probably heard of the Presidential Election cycle that repeats every four years — the stock market performs the worst in the second year of a president’s term and the third and fourth years stocks perform the best.

It works like that. Cycles repeat and predict what’s coming. It can be very specific.

You don’t have to have a crystal ball or be a mind reader to identify and profit from potential and future bubbles. You just have to follow cycles. I learned this after 25 years in the investment industry.

There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

You’re here to receive a message that’s completely different than what you’re hearing in the mainstream media.

This is the time for you to create your own wealth. It doesn’t matter how much you’re starting with.

Besides the 2 bubbles mentioned above, I’ve been following the bubble in government debt the last several years. It’s a record $18 trillion today.

Perhaps you have been following it too.

A bubble that George Soros calls “the ultimate bubble” is in our future—and in my opinion what he means is it’s a world-wide bubble. One we’ve never seen in our lifetimes and probably never will again.

I truly believe there’s an enormous wealth building opportunity right smack in front of us that a lot of people are going to miss until it becomes blatantly obvious and is almost over!

They’ll miss it because it’s not part of a usual asset allocation of stocks and bonds—it’s not in the usual places where most people are invested.

The sooner you can identify where bubbles are forming, the more wealth you can create.

As I said, there are 3 bubbles forming right now which means this is an amazing time to be an investor!

I hope you are ready to take advantage of the opportunities.

As a wealth mentor, my role is to find where wealth can be created. It doesn’t matter to me where it is (it doesn’t have to be in stock and bond mutual funds)…I want to find where the next bubble will be because I know that the run up to the peak of a bubble will create a lot of wealth.

I don’t manage your money. Leave it with your Financial Advisor.

I educate you about where opportunities are, what to buy and when to take advantage of bubbles and cycles. You’ll understand investments in a new way — one you won’t hear about from your Advisor.

This is only known at the billionaire level. I didn’t learn it even during my years working at the highest levels with sophisticated investors.

I’ll show you where there are investment opportunities, that take little money to invest in and have a lot of upside potential, how to master the psychological challenges of investing, and how to have confidence making your investment selections.

The two big elephants in the room are how difficult is it and do you need experience to do it?

The answers are it’s easy to understand and it also does not require any prior investment experience. I explain things in the same way I’ve been writing to you – plain english.

You just need to be able to listen, learn and take action.

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