The Magic of Belief

What does belief have to do with finances? Everything!believe

What I’m about to share with you has nothing to do with what I learned in the financial industry. It was never discussed. Where I learned it was from reading books, being an athlete, and applying it in my life. I realized, belief creates our reality. It creates our possibilities. It creates our future. Athletes know this. They are taught to visualize the outcome of their race or game before it’s even started. Tiger Woods visualizes the ball going in the golf hole before he drives or putts.

Michael Jordan visualized the ball going in the net before it did. They visualized being the winners of their games before they were played. And it came true. Why would that only apply to sports? Why wouldn’t that apply to our finances as well?

I think it applies to every area of our lives, but especially our finances. Belief is our way of creating and manifesting what we want in life. It’s not enough to just visualize it. That’s only the beginning.

You must BELIEVE it will happen and hold the end vision with positivity. You WILL accomplish it, you WILL have it, you WILL be it.

My favorite example of this is the actor Jim Carrey. Before he was famous, he visualized himself living in a gorgeous home on a hill. He took one of his own checks and wrote it payable to himself for $10 million and dated it a few years into the future. He visualized receiving the money and BELIEVED it would come to him. Almost to the day he wrote on the check, he received an acting role for $10 million! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, it was the belief that made it come true. You can write yourself a check for $10 million, but if you don’t BELIEVE it will happen, it won’t. The belief is the hard part, but necessary part.

Anyone can write a check, but not anyone can believe through ups and downs that they will have what they want. Some people don’t think they deserve it. Some people give up. It’s only the believers that succeed.

Sit down today and write what you want for your future. Then hold that vision and start believing!

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11 thoughts on “The Magic of Belief

  1. Linda,

    Thanks for sharing this vital information about beliefs especially in relationship to money. I must say that it’s taken me some time to TRULY believe that I can have anything I desire and that I am worth it. Although I had visualized my ideal financial goals, there were old beliefs about money that were holding me back. You’ve helped to change those beliefs and now I am moving forward at rapid pace. 🙂

    You are appreciated.

    Write on!~


  2. This is so true – it is amazing when you pause and look how often this process takes place. I have had a picture of my new office on my wall for almost a year and truly believed it would one day be mine. Last week I bought a property for my new office with the exact view and outlook I wanted – magic!
    Heidi Alexandra

  3. Linda,
    I am with you. You are going nowhere fast if you do not believe. Flip side is believe big and you are already on your way there. Thanks for writing this – it was great to see you in San Diego, Good luck with your new radio show!

  4. Linda – This is so cool! Love the example of Jim Carrey writing the check out to himself. This is a wonderful reminder for how important it is to actively focus on what we really want and visualize ourselves being there…



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