The One Thing That Will Make a Difference Whether or Not You Will Have Millions of Dollars

Have you ever wanted to spend money on something outrageous? Something expensive that you just wanted to have?

I remember being on vacation in Mexico and attending a presentation about a time share. It cost about $15,000 for a couple of weeks vacation each year.

Think outside the boxFortunately, we didn’t buy it, but I was sure tempted!

While it can be exciting to get carried away, spending on impulse purchases can also cost you a lot more in the long run.

The other day I caught a TV show about adults building homes in trees.

Yes, a treehouse but not like for kids.

These are SERIOUS treehouses.

A woman made an impulse purchase of a real house in the trees!

I had to talk about it and why it reminded me of an important principle that could be the difference between you having all the money you want…or not.

It’s a short 8 minutes, here.

This may be the craziest thing I’ve ever talked about, but super important because it can make the difference between you having millions…or not.

Which will it be?

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