The W-E-A-L-T-H-Y Mindset Formula- Listen To Your Inner Voice

The last 3 issues, we have covered:

W is for Write it down
E is for Envision your dreams
A is for Affirm your desires

Today is L, for “LISTEN to your inner voice.”

Some people are very good at listening to that little voice inside your head that whispers things you should or shouldn’t be doing. We all have it, but some people listen to it more than others. You can completely ignore it if you choose to. Many people do.

It’s not easy to follow your inner voice – but it can become easy. Sometimes I’m told people can’t hear it. I’m not talking about listening to fear – that’s not your inner voice. Your inner voice is the flash that goes by in your h ead like a quiet whisper that you almost miss unless you’re paying close attention. It’s easier in the shower or when we’re driving, then it seems to be heard easier.

Tuning into your inner voice is part of “tuning into” wealth. It’s like it’s on a different radio frequency. It will guide you to the things you should be doing if you let it. If you don’t pay attention, you likely are presented with the lesson or guidance over and over, and sometimes you get sick if you don’t pay attention. Are YOU paying attention to your inner voice? It’s trying to give you what you’ve asked for, including prosperity.

My friend (I’ll call her Susie) was an entrepreneur who found herself slightly famous but with out much income. Each month she was praying for just enough to pay the bills. She always got what she needed.

One day I asked her why she was only asking for the minimum? If it works as well as it appears to, why aren’t you asking for more? After that she started to see how SHE was the reason she didn’t have as much money. I told her she had only as much money as she believed she could have. That hit her like a ton of bricks. She started working on her beliefs and now she has a major sponsor who pays her a lot of money to write a blog and make keynote speeches she’s getting paid handsomely for.

I believe we create our lives by our thoughts. If we have fearful thoughts of bad things happening
like running out of money, bad health, or whatever it is, we are causing it to happen. Recently, I was shocked to read an article about the placebo effect and how it’s even true with surgery. That’s right, people who thought they had knee surgery but were just opened and sewn shut, had the same progress as those who didn’t have surgery. I couldn’t believe it either. That’s how powerful our beliefs are.

The article is here:

The place to start, to get out of bad thinking, is to think of the things you are grateful for. Make a list of 100 things and see if your thinking doesn’t change from fear to gratitude. From there, you can have positive thoughts and visualizations that will create what you want.

A good tip is to think into the future about 10 or 20 years (the younger you are, the less far out). Imagine how you would like your life to be. Create vision boards to express it by cutting out magazine pictures and posting them, or better yet try the online vision board website called Pinterest. You can see my boards here: Create your own vision board by gathering photos online. If you want an invitation to join Pinterest, simply email me at and I’ll get you invited (it’s by invitation only, but it’s free). If you want to  re-pin my pictures on to your boards, feel free!

Visualize yourself in the future and how you’d like it to be. Keep seeing that vision in your mind and focus on it as often as possible. From there, your inner voice will tell you what o do next. Once you start living this way, it will show you the power you have to create your life.

Think what you want, BELIEVE it’s yours, listen to your inner voice for what to do next.

To listen to your inner voice, try these easy steps:

  • Decide you’re going to listen to your inner voice.
  • Ask yourself questions you want an answer to (and maybe can’t decide in your rational brain). Wait and listen for the answer. If you don’t hear it right away, sleep on it.
  • Pay attention to your inner dialogue when you are driving, exercising, and showering. See if you can’t pick up thoughts that flash by that you didn’t even realize you were thinking.
  • Ignore any negative or fearful statements like “I’m afraid…, or that won’t happen, or nothing ever…”
  • Act on the information you hear. Put it into practice. Soon listening to your inner voice will be easy peasy.

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