Think You Can’t Learn From Billionaires?

If you were just learning to play tennis, would you want to learn from another beginner or from a pro?

You’d probably make a lot more progress with the pro, right?

It’s the same thing with money.

You always want to learn from experts who are successful and who have accomplished what you want to do.

Sometimes people say they can’t relate to billionaires. They have sooooo much money, there’s nothing they have in common with you, right? Wrong!


Many billionaires started out without any money, tried and failed at business many times (and lost all their money), then built it back up again.

What makes them so successful?

How do they think differently?

Do they think having so much money is a burden?

In my latest interview with Richard C. Wilson (who works with billionaires) shares:

*what makes billionaires different (that you can learn from)
*what 87% of billionaires want
*whether they are generous or stingy?

Check it out here.

Richard has billionaires as clients and shares the best way to approach them if you want a billionaire as a client and even how to get billionaires contacting YOU for business.

Mostly I want to know how billionaires got so good at making money. What’s their secret – or is there one?

I think it’s powerful to learn from billionaires, because like the tennis pro, you can learn a lot more quickly from someone who can start you on the right foot and show you the shorter paths to your destination.

If you have questions you’d like me to ask Richard next time, please let me know what you’re curious about.

No, you can’t ask to be adopted! lol!

Remember, you’re just like a billionaire, you just have a few less zeroes in your net worth!

At least today you do. 😉

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