Truly Conscious Wealth – Where the Financial and Spiritual Meet

I began noticing financial bubbles after the internet bubble. wealth-cycle Every so often, one asset seems to go crazy in the economy.  I noticed it wasn’t a one-time occurrence, it happened about once a decade.  The media uses the term “bubble” in a negative way, by looking in the past after it’s burst.  I look at bubbles in a positive way, as a way to grow tremendous wealth because they are compounding annual returns at a high rate.  For example, the next bubble I’ve identified (whose peak I believe is still a few years away), has returned 17% a year for 9 years.  It did not have a negative return any year, even 2008.

I made my first million dollars in the internet bubble and then noticed the real estate bubble forming.  I was able to sell my primary residence at the top of the bubble in July, 2007.  Today I see another bubble forming.  The sad thing is, most financial advisors are not including this asset in their client’s portfolios – yet (they will closer toward the peak.  One of the definitions of a bubble is it becomes obvious to everyone and the crowd all jumps in at the same time – the top).  I believe there will come a day when everyone in the world will be wanting this, including Central Banks.  I also believe it will cause the largest wealth transfer in history.  People who own this will have a lot more and people who don’t will have less because they’re not positioned right.  The very wealthiest of the wealthy know this and are already positioning themselves in private portfolios and in hedge funds.  To tell you what it is without educating you on the ins and outs of how to invest in it safely would be disingenuous.

After I retired from the investment industry in 2007, I learned about cycles.  Cycles are repeatable, predictable patterns that reappear in the stock market.  For example, if there is a pattern that repeats itself in the stock market every 13 years, then we can predict that 13 years into the future, this event will happen.  Cycles have been used by Paul Tudor Jones to time the crash of 1987 (he made $100 million that day), the stock market on 9/11/01 (that it would decline at the precise time it did), and the October high of 2008.  Cycles don’t tell you WHY something will happen, they only tell you the WHAT that will happen in the stock market.  For example. although the cycles timers knew the market would go down, they did not know what would cause it.  The cycle timers say the stock market does not trade at random and by being able to predict market highs and lows they have proven that.  I’ve found 4 different researchers who use cycles.  The problem for the average person is they are more geared to the institutional investor and most people don’t know the best way to invest in the trends. That’s what I do – educate people to make money in bubbles and cycles.

Cycles are where the financial and spiritual meet.  The stock market cycles are related to sunspot activity.  When the energy on the sun (sunspot) is explosive, the stock market is “irrationally exuberant.”  When sunspots are quiet, the economy is in a greater recession.  Sunspots are at their quietest they’ve been in 100 years.  The energy that is repeating stock market cycles is in the cycle highs and lows, it’s in the good times and bad, it’s in the profits and the losses.  If the stock market is predetermined, then so is our economy. The illusion is that we are separate from the Lifeforce, but the reality is, it’s in everything, even the stock market!  That’s what I call Truly Conscious Wealth. It’s understanding where the financial and spiritual meet and how you can benefit.

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