What You’re Not Hearing in the Media

What You’re Not Hearing In The Media

I feel frustrated that most financial advisors today are giving the same advice they did before 2008. Things have changed dramatically since then and yet there is little change in traditional financial institutions to show this.

First of all, the US Government taking on huge debt is a game changer.

money stackedWhen TARP, QE2, and other money printing programs started, it changed everything.You see, our government had a choice. They could have let Lehman and AIG fail (and maybe that would have been disastrous), auctioned off the bad loans owned by the banks just like they did after the Savings and Loan crisis (which would have cleared all the foreclosures out of the system and sold them off to investors), and essentially started over by re-booting the system.

Instead, once they chose to print money, it changed the whole game.

Our currency is paper that is not backed by an asset. Prior to the 1970’s, the dollar was backed by gold. It’s not a problem if you don’t have too much currency in existence. But once you start printing more money and taking on TRILLIONS of dollars of debt (each $1 trillion is a pile of $1,000 bills stacked 69 miles tall!), it changes everything.

There are only a couple of ways to get out of overspending…you spend less or you earn more . For the government, that means cutting back on spending or raising taxes. They chose to do neither. When they (Republicans and Democrats) decided to print money, they chose an outcome that I compare to being in a crowded movie theater and yelling “FIRE!” and everyone running for the exit doors at the same time. Essentially, they have chosen to devalue our currency by printing enormous amounts of it. Have you noticed how high the prices are for imported produce? That’s because our dollar is weaker.

The only outcome is more of the same…more money printing…more devaluation…and on it goes.The only way to protect yourself in this scenario, is to own tangible assets – those that can’t be printed on paper and are in limited supply. If you haven’t bought silver yet, now is the time to start stocking up, while the price is so low. Silver will b e a direct beneficiary of the money printing and so will gold.

This is the biggest holiday gift I can give you…to condense what it took me 3 years to research and figure out. Eventually everyone will recognize that gold and silver are in limited supply and once again – years in the future –  they will be used to back our currency. You have a unique opportunity now to be early in that process and build tremendous wealth.

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Happy holidays!

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