What’s the Good Lesson That Comes Out of a Disaster?

Before my house flooded recently, I had already been thinking about how to handle negative things with a different mindset. I was thinking about it because of a recent trip I had while flying on one of those really small commuter planes.

We were packed in the small plane like sardines. I’m sure none of us passengers were too excited to be in this cramped space to begin with. We had a smooth take off and were flying for about a half hour, when suddenly and unexpectedly, we hit a patch of really rough turbulence. The kind that makes you wonder if this could be your last plane ride!

The tiny plane really started to violently bounce around. What ran through my head was, “Relax, it will be ok, besides, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I reviewed my thoughts and then concluded “that’s a reasonable attitude.”

The bumpiness continued and I started to feel uncomfortable. I wondered if I should still be thinking, “it’s out of my control” and leave it at that or should I be thinking something else that would serve me better?

Just then, I heard another passenger, a teenage boy, say “Wahoo!” It sounded like he thought it felt like surfing, I imagined.

Then it struck me.

What if during life’s bumps and turbulence, instead of trying to relax ourselves and think there’s nothing we can do (victimhood), we instead cry out “Wahoo!” and actually learn to enjoy the bumps, as if they were a fun challenge like surfing?


I kind of liked it. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Life’s “bumps” are normal challenges we are there to cause us to grow.

Could something like peoples’ financial struggles, like with an overabundance of debt, getting laid off, not having enough income or clients, also be thought of in a positive way?

Let’s use too much debt as an example. I always say debt is an indication you need to make a change in your life – usually it gets people’s attention to get more centered on their life’s purpose. It’s true if you think about it. It’s God or the Universe’s way of getting your attention with a two by four. Until you make a life change, you will feel the pressure and weight of the debt.

The debt will become all you think about.

The plane ride smoothed out for a while, but about 10 minutes later, we hit another patch of bumpy airspace. It gave me the perfect chance to try out my new theory. As the ride got scarier and bumpier, I thought to myself, “Wahoo!”

To my surprise, I really felt different. I was calmer and actually more excited to live in the moment and enjoy what I was experiencing, instead of feeling helpless with the turbulence.

I couldn’t believe how it changed my perception and how much more empowered I felt to deal with the bumpy plane ride. The bumps weren’t “out of my control”, they were opportunities to enjoy and cherish life.

Wow again.

Perhaps there are a few life lessons here?

  1. What I know about wealth creation is about 90% of it is mental. Some people may not believe it’s that high, but I do.You get what you believe you’ll get. If you can turn the negatives, like debt or getting laid off, into a fun game, you’ll have a lot more fun – and will likely be more creative finding ways to solve your problems.
  2. The latest quantum physics research shows physical matter is only 4% of our reality. Ninety-six percent is an invisible energy field that connects us. We are electrical beings emanating waves through our thoughts, and our thoughts – especially our beliefs – create our reality. Our life. How you THINK is what you are creating in your life.
  3. The quality of your self-talk determines your life. What you say to yourself directs your life and your progress. What are you telling yourself? What life are you creating? Are you conscious or unconsciously creating it? Are you happy with it? If not, start with changing a belief that’s not serving you.
  4. Next time you have a financial challenge think “Wahoo!” and see what happens. My bet is you’ll be much more empowered to come up with solutions than if you sink into victimhood.
  5. Realize you can detach from problems and think about them like a game. It will take you from praying “Please…” to “Thank you for…” and receiving.
  6. YOU are powerful. Pay attention to what you’re thinking and align your thoughts with in-the-moment presence and joy, so you can stay in your power and create the life you imagine.

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