Where do you start when you want more money?

ThinkingAboutMoneyRecently I’ve been talking with entrepreneurs who are trying to launch a business but feel like they have one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. They take two steps forward and one step back. They make some progress, but lose momentum.

I remember feeling that way when I first started my business. It was uncomfortable putting myself out there, promoting “me”, and risking rejection. That’s natural – we’re taught NOT to do any of that, but instead to blend in, not take risks, and play it safe.

I had to work on my mindset a LOT. Whether you’re building a business or building wealth, your mindset is the most important part – it’s the foundation.

Millionaires know this. They work on putting positive thoughts into their brain. Like food for your brain. I work on my mindset all the time. Since I’m pushing new boundaries, it’s something I’m working on to help get me out of my comfort zone. Getting used to living outside your comfort zone is a goal to strive for because then you will be growing and accomplishing your goals.

Here are 5 “brain food” tips that will help you get your head thinking straight so you can allow more money to come into your life:

1) Get rid of fear. If you feel afraid of not having enough money, not finding clients, whatever it is, FEAR doesn’t serve you. It’s best to see the glass half full and be grateful for what you have. Since fear and gratitude cannot exist in your mind at the same time, it will eliminate the fear if you write a gratitude list when you feel fear rising up.

2) Stop working with people for free. If you are giving your services away for free to friends and potential clients, you won’t get anywhere. They will take what you offer and go pay someone else who asks for money to work with them. The only exception is giving a limited time, like 30 minutes, for a meeting to see if you should be working together. A series of free calls or free work for people only results in more goose eggs for money.

3) Visualize what you want your life to be like. Just like athletes visualize before a putt, a basketball shot, or a gymnastics routine, so should you be visualizing what you want in life. Your mind is a computer and a GPS system and it’s following the input YOU’RE giving it. Are you visualizing the life you want or the life you don’t want? Big difference.

4) If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or professional and you want to make more money, then make more offers! Give people opportunities to work with you. Create your marketing plan for the year and have at least 2 major campaigns. If you’re motivated to make more money, 4 campaigns would be even better – one a quarter. I have 2 teleclasses and 2 live events this year. Yes, it’s work, but I’m also having a great time and know exactly what I’m doing when.

5) Take advantage of buying opportunities with your investments. Billionaires are stocking up on gold and silver in anticipation of the devaluation of our currency. This week the United Kingdom was downgraded by credit agencies. I believe this will also eventually happen in the U.S. When too much debt is created that can’t be paid back, there’s only one solution: devalue the currency. It’s only a matter of time before silver regains it’s uptrend. Gold has been up 12 years in a row and increased by 7% last year. It’s normal for an investment that’s been up 10 years in a row like silver to take a breather and “consolidate”. Now is the time to buy while it’s at a great price.

If you’re wanting to know the techniques I use to change my mindset, it’s in my “Personal Wealthy Mindset Blueprint”. I’ve recorded 2 CD’s about how you can easily change your mindset from sabotaging you to being your GPS guide to wealth. You can find it here: http://lindapjones.com/programs.

The first and most important step in wealth building or making more money is always to put the effort into working on your inner money game and then you’ll begin to see a difference in your outer world and bank account.

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