205: Who is Buying Homes in 2016?

Be Wealthy Podcast CoverAccording to Nat’l Association of Realtors, who is buying homes in 2016?

Let’s take a look at who is buying homes, by marital status:

Married 66%
Single females 17%
Unmarried couples 8%
Single males 7%

Interesting because from 2005 – 2010, 20% were single females, but
only 15% in 2015.

Homebuyers’ median income:

Married couples $99,200
Unmarried couples $84,800
Single males $69,600
Other $69,100
Single females $55,300

So although single females have lower incomes than others, they are a big group of buyers. Why?

1. Possess own home 38%
2. Change in family situation 11%
3. To be closer to family/friends 9%
4. Desire for smaller home 7%
5. Retirement 5%

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