Why Are You Acting Like That?

PositiveMindset300x300Recently I’ve been talking with people about trusting themselves with money. Subconsciously, a lot of women feel they have to get rid of money as soon as they have it in their possession. They spend it or reinvest it in their business right away as if there’s something bad that will happen if they keep it around.

At the root of that is trusting yourself with handling money, making decisions about what to do with money, and knowing how to get it working harder for you. Sometimes you might not be sure about the latter, but mostly it’s a general discomfort with having it around. It goes contrary to what you consciously want, because of course you WANT more money. It’s like a deep undercurrent that flows just under your conscious mind that you don’t really realize is happening.

Many of our behaviors with money happen because of the programming we received in our childhoods from our parents, in the media and entertainment, through societal stereotypes, personal experiences, etc. It takes effort to replace our subconscious thoughts with positive thoughts WE CHOOSE. That’s why I’ve built the affirmations right into my ezine – so you can work on them each time you read it! Of course, it’s repetition and ‘feeling’ that give power to the affirmations. This is why it is especially powerful to put already true statements in between each one – this puts your mind in a state of accepting your statements as truth. Once you get your subconscious mind to accept your affirmations as truth, your limiting beliefs will change.

It will help you stop feeling like you’ve got one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Take the time to write 5 positive statements about money – ones that you want to believe. Write them on an index card and keep a copy next to your bed. Read them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Read them more often than that if you want faster results. The statements will become what you believe and what you believe what you will manifest in your life. Just like Oprah said, “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

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