5 Easy Steps to Make More Money

5Easy$tepsWhat’s your plan to increase your income this year?

I don’t know about you, but I feel really excited about this year. There are a lot of positive things happening and I can tell this is going to be a big year! What are you doing to make this YOUR big year?

Remember, if you want more money, you have to do something different than what you’ve done to make more! Just like you can’t keep eating the same foods you always have and lose weight, you can’t make more money if you continue to do the same things you’ve been doing!

Here are 5 tips to think about that will help you have a bigger year, make more money, and have more impact!

1. Reach more people. Do something to reach a lot more people – like shooting a professional video. Having a professionally done video doesn’t have to be expensive (many local videographers charge a fairly low hourly rate).

Look up a good videographer in your area on Yelp.com and film a video that says what you believe or why you’re doing what you’re doing as a business owner. That way, people will get to know you, why you do what you do, and will connect with you more quickly than if you try to “sell” something. Another version is to make 2 minute videos of frequently asked questions with answers.

If you don’t own a business, then think about networking and meeting more people in your industry. Letting people know who you are and what you do can lead to interesting opportunities you may be overlooking right now.

2. Make more offers. I hear business people complaining about not making enough money, but they are either not making offers or not aligned with what they are supposed to be doing. You can make offers by doing strategy sessions from your email list, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn connections. You can also offer a free seminar or free call and then offer strategy sessions to see if you’re a fit to work together. Placing an ad on Facebook can be a good way to drive traffic to your free call for very little cost.

3. Do a survey. Survey Monkey is a great free service to create surveys and poll your clients or list. Find out what they want and then provide it.

4. Identify your highest perceived value. Do you know the ONE thing you offer that has a high perceived value? For example, a friend of mine does some work helping people get media attention. People would ask her about it and she would get a little defensive and say, “that’s not all I do”, rather than recognizing this is the sizzle people wanted from her. Now we re-framed it so she talks about it being the third step in working with her, so it’s not all about media but it has a prominent place in her prospective client discussions.

5. Use your pain to move you forward. This may sound strange, but when I was starting my business, I was in intense pain. I felt I was playing too small, I “should” have made more progress, and I was resistant to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. I felt like I had one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake. Finally, I got fed up and used my “pain” to propel me forward to make offers and work with clients. As soon as I made the decision to get out of the pain, clients began to appear and work with me.

These 5 steps WORK. Get in touch with your pain, get out of your comfort zone, and put yourself out there! The world needs what YOU have to offer!

5 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Make More Money

  1. Your message resonates with me loud and clear. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and feeling my pain as I move forward into some very new and exciting things. Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Hi Linda, this article is just what I needed to read, today. I found you on Facebook and you ask me to attend your phone event, another cue from the universe about what I need to do to fill my event, fast! In this article, your words of letting my pain move me forward is especially resonating with me today because I think I have decided to leave where I am in life to be where I want to be – successful, wealthy, a positive role-model to my son and making a huge positive difference in women’s lives. . I am planning my first event to be held in Adelaide, South Australia called 5 things – BODY how to lose 1 to 2 dress sizes in 2 to 3 weeks, and I do not know how to pull it off! Any tips, to reach lots of women, fast?

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