Create an automated income stream or “side hustle!”

As your wealth mentor, one of the things I do is look for ways for you to create wealth. I don’t feel the need to be limited to traditional financial methods such as stocks and bonds.

On the contrary, I feel the need to be open-minded, flow with economic cycles, and see where the most potential is.

automatedI think it’s time you had an extra income stream and a new source of cash flow. When I began seriously going after my dream to create wealth, I was working full-time in a job that required a lot of travel.

I would often leave on Monday and come home Thursday night, exhausted. Fridays I could work from home, so that became the day I could rise a little earlier and work on my part-time investing business. Today I would call it my “side hustle.”

A “Side Hustle” is something you do on the side, that’s not your primary source of income.

It’s a new stream of income that may start small, with hopes that it will rise over time, and possibly even grow larger than your main income source, so you could eventually focus on the “Side Hustle” full-time!

No, I’m not talking about a get rich quick scheme, or an MLM, I’m talking about monetizing your experience and talent!

Today it’s possible to take your lifetime of knowledge and create digital products – audio recordings, PDF files, checklists, videos, ebooks, reports, anything that can be delivered by computer and not by mail – and create an income stream from them. Even better, it can all be automated so you do the work once and get paid for the rest of your life!

As your wealth mentor, I need to bring this to your attention. You may be nearing retirement, or are sick of your job. Perhaps the bills are piling up and you’d like to get out of debt. It never hurts to have an extra income source, and one that once you know how to do it, can be done over an over again to create multiple streams of income!

Your computer became a tool that helped you shop online. That wasn’t possible only a few years ago. When you start a “Side Hustle”, other people will be able shop online and buy YOUR products!

It’s a new world and there’s so much more wealth creation possible that even a few years ago.

It’s time to change your thinking, stop thinking in the old paradigm of having a job to make money. As an entrepreneur, you can use your “personal currency” – your skills and talents – to create digital products and add value to peoples’ lives.

Your next question might be, “How do I know what to create?” or “What do I know that people would want to buy?” It’s often right at the end of your nose, you just can’t see it!

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2 thoughts on “Create an automated income stream or “side hustle!”

  1. Hi Linda, I have been trying to figure out the best way to leverage my time as a therapist. I am in the process of creating content to package as an online program and/or course for the first time. There are many questions arising. What would be the best platform from which to deliver this online content? How do I get help with all the technology pieces that I do not understand? What are some of the best ways to inexpensively drive traffic (get folks to take my online courses/programs)? These are some of the questions I am facing.

    • Hi Sherry,

      With technology today, there are creative ways to do this. If you’d like to set up a time to talk with me (link is at the bottom of the blog post, I’d be happy to review the specifics with you. There are lots of ways to go. One thing I do is help people create the content that is uniquely theirs so there is no competition and it’s completely authentic to the entrepreneur. That’s super important.

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