Creating a Wealth Mindset

The foundation of wealth is built upon how you think. Are you “feeling poor” or do you have an “attitude of gratitude?” Are you living in the moment or are you comparing with the past? What are you doing to take care of yourself and make sure you are ok, while the economy’s still suffering?wealth-mindset

How we think and what we think about is very powerful. If we lose control and let our fears get the best of us, it can be devastating and debilitating. Negativity can stop us in our tracks, while staying positive and grateful and hopeful can keep our energy humming. Which state of mind are you in?

Here are some ideas that will help you stay positive:

Pick out an upbeat song to listen to first thing in the morning. You’ll be singing the positive message all day.

Write a favorite quote or affirmation and put it on your bathroom mirror.

Put a few hundred dollars in your wallet. Don’t spend them, just have them in there so you always feel you have enough money.

Use the good china and crystal, wear your “good” jewelry or watch, and start researching where you’d like to take your next vacation (you don’t have to sign up now, just research).

Set up your bank account for a repeating payment to a charity. Money you give away will come back to you multiplied.

Help a neighbor in need or someone less fortunate (or donate to charity).

Turn off the TV and enjoy a hobby instead.

Keep up with writing your affirmations, questions, account balances, potential investment ideas, etc. in your money journal. It can help get your mental radar off of poverty thinking to a wealthy mindset.

Just one action goes a long way!

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