How good are your chances of getting rich?

Luxurious womanRecently I received this question:

“I have some knowledge of rich people – yet have met too many that I couldn’t stand. And found myself judged by them in ways that turned me off. Do I really want to be working with them – just to make money?” – Martha

Martha was asking about my Create Your Luxury Brand™ teachings – to price, package, and promote your way to high-end clients. But her question actually gave me more insight into how she thought and her mindset than she apparently realized.

Do you see it too?

She openly resents rich people and worse – says she can’t stand them!

What do you think her chances are of getting rich?

I’d say slim at best.

If you resent wealthy people, that means deep down you will do anything to resist being like them.

You will sabotage yourself. You will repel money. You will spend it as fast as you get it. You will spend more money than you have. And on and on.

Do you see why that’s true? I hope so.

Might you have beliefs in your subconscious that are causing you to shoot yourself in the foot?

Here’s what to do to change your beliefs:

  1. Remember repetition is all it takes to change your beliefs.
  2. Write positive statements about what you would like to believe about being wealthy. Some examples are “I’m comfortable with a lot of money.” “I’m a good steward of money.” “I am a good person and I have a lot of money.”
  3. Say these positive statements several times a day. Repetition is what it takes. Envision yourself already having achieved your positive statements.
  4. Think about your experiences with wealth or wealthy people or what your parents believed about wealthy people. Become aware consciously of your beliefs and then create positive statements that will help you change your subconscious beliefs.

Very soon you’ll feel and act differently – and better – with money.

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    • Thank you, Patricia! Glad you liked it! I’m creating a podcast with all my favorite affirmations. They really work for me! I also like to use them with the Flipagram app (free) for a more powerful experience.

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