Is This the Final Bottom for Silver?

Silver has been in a bottoming process for some time now. We appear to be at the tail end of a deflationary cycle that has been devastating for commodities.

Many people have lost faith and have thrown in the towel.

I hope you haven’t, because I believe we are near the bottom of what will likely be an incredible move in silver prices.

You know how I love to follow billionaires and what they are doing.

One of my favorite investor billionaires is Canadian, Eric Sprott.

Eric was the first person I heard to predict silver would be the “investment of the decade.”

When a billionaire tells you his opinion about his favorite investment, I hope you take notice.

I did!

After 12 years of about 24% annual returns, silver has had a sharp pull-back from $50 an ounce to about $15.

I think we have the last wave of deflation that could push it to $12, but whether you buy it at $12 or $15 an ounce, I don’t think it will matter when it hits triple digits.

Following cycles helps give us a view into what’s ahead.

Everything is connected and when money shifts from one area it moves to another.

It looks like we are close to the shift happening when money really starts to flow into silver.

Will Rogers made a funny quote by saying he made money in the stock market by “buying low and selling high.” It’s funny because it sounds so simple and yet so few investors do it!

It’s scary to buy low. It’s easy to think an investment is dead. Over. Won’t ever come back.

When investors capitulate and throw in the towel, that’s about the time we see an investment turn and it begins to rise again.

I think we’re almost there.

My favorite silver is American Eagle coins. They can be purchased from a reputable local coin dealer near you for about $20 a coin.

This may be the best investment of your life, don’t miss it.

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